How to find an apartment or house to rent in Croatia: Guide for 2024

buildings in Zagreb
Buildings in the city of Zagreb, Croatia

UPDATED: 24.1.2024.

Croatia is comprised of ten unique regions, so rental prices, availability, and amenities can vary widely. As you would expect, rental prices in popular cities are generally higher than those in more remote locations, and supply is currently tight due to high demand. Zagreb, Zaprešić, Velika Gorica, Split, and other towns along the Adriatic coast are experiencing this situation.

On the other side, Lika, rental rates in Banija, Kordun, and eastern Croatia tend to be lower. These regions usually aren’t as popular. People are leaving them for places with better living standards and more available jobs.

However, trends have started to change. After the earthquakes that occurred in Croatia in 2020, and that continue to happen once in a while, some cities and villages are once again becoming popular places to live. Good examples are Gorski kotar and smaller cities close to Zagreb.

Finding the perfect apartment or house to rent in Croatia isn’t always easy, but this article provides guidance and links to resources that will help you find a place to call home.

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

How to find an apartment or house to rent in Croatia

Monthly apartment rental prices in Croatia

The average rental prices have drastically risen during the last few years. The main reason for this increase in prices is vacation rentals. Landlords believe they can earn more money from short-term tourists than long-term tenants. This presents a special challenge when searching for a year-round apartment in tourist areas, like the Adriatic coast, where landlords prefer to rent from October to May or June.

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If you’re coming from abroad, it’s important that you research prices before settling on a place to live. Some apartment owners will take advantage of uninformed foreigners by charging extremely high prices. This is important because when people agree to pay rents far above the local average, it ends up raising the average rent for everybody. This is harmful since rent is becoming drastically disproportionate to Croatian salaries.

Average apartment rental prices for 30 to 45 m2 in Croatia

We bring you approximate prices that you SHOULD expect to pay for a studio or small one-bedroom apartment, but ultimately, the cost will depend on the exact location, living space, types of amenities (e.g., parking, furnished), and whether the unit was recently built or renovated. All prices shown are in euros per month.

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  • City center: 300 – 1.000 €
  • Outside the city center: 300 – 500 €


  • 160 – 450 €


  • City center: 200 – 800 €
  • Outside the city center: 200 – 300 €


  • City center: 350 – 800 €
  • Outside the city center: 250 – 700 €


  • City center: 300 – 800 €
  • Outside the city center: 250 – 700 €


  • City center: 300 – 1.500 €
  • Outside the city center: 400 – 800 €


  • City center: 250 – 600 €
  • Outside the city center: 200 – 500 €


  • City center: 300 – 1.000 €
  • Outside the city center: 300 – 700 €


  • City center: 350 – 1.300 €
  • Outside the city center: 230 – 1.100 €

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How to find an apartment to rent in Croatia

Now that you know which prices to expect for renting an apartment in Croatia, you can begin your search. There are a variety of ways you can find an apartment in Croatia. Let’s go through each one.

#1 Word of mouth

When looking for an apartment to rent in Croatia, your first step should be to ask friends and family if they have heard of any apartments going up for rent. This is by far the best way to find an apartment because you can:

  • Avoid agency fees, which amount to one month’s rent
  • Get access to an apartment before it is listed, reducing competition
  • Get the best rate on rent since you are being referred by someone the owner knows

#2 Facebook groups

In addition to asking friends and family, or if you are brand new to Croatia, you can also leverage Expat Facebook Groups to find an apartment.

These groups are a great English-language place to publish that you are looking for an apartment or to find posts from those who are letting their apartments. A complete list of the expat Facebook groups in Croatia broken down by city is available here.

There are also Croatian-language Facebook groups where available apartments are posted, including:

Note: We strongly advise you not to go into these groups and post your budget. This approach can contribute to the problem of increased rental rates that is noted above. Hubs like Zagreb and Split have been severely impacted due to foreigners posting super high budgets in these groups.

#3 Njuš

If you don’t have family here, haven’t yet made friends, or haven’t had any luck in the Facebook groups, many websites can be very helpful. The biggest and most popular website to find an apartment in Croatia is Njuškalo, available here.

Njuškalo is Croatia’s most extensive online advertisement website. It is a marketplace that connects hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers daily. It has over 1.4 million customers and over 250.000 new items on sale monthly.

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Njuškalo has a section for apartment and home rentals in Croatia. Many real estate properties are offered for rent, including apartments, single rooms, houses, garages, office space, and land. Each ad will include property photos, descriptions, specs, and prices.

The complete real estate section on Njuškalo, called Nekretnine, is available here. Given that it is in Croatian and has multiple subsections, we’ve created a cheat sheet with links for all real estate sections on Njuškalo.

Njuškalo real estate sections

Type of real estateNjuškalo rental linksNjuškalo sales links
Stanovi (apartments)Apartments for rentApartments for sale
Kuće (houses)Houses for rentHouses for sale
Sobe (rooms)Looking for roomate(s)Rooms for sale
Zemljišta (land)Land rentalsLand for sale
Luksuzne nekretnine (luxury real estate)Luxury rentalsLuxury sales
Novogradnja (new build)*New build sales
Nekretnine za odmor (vacation properties)*Vacation properties for sale
Montažni objekti (transportable buildings)*Mobile buildings for sale
Poslovni prostori (office spaces)Office space for rentOffice space sales
Garaže (garages)Garage space for rentGarage space sales

#4 Other sites for finding apartments to rent

There are also other Croatian websites where you can dig for an apartment in addition to Njuškalo. Some of them are available in English.

Here is the list of the most popular ones:

#5 Go for a walk

This may seem like an old-fashioned way of looking for an apartment, but it can be effective in Croatia. Take a walk around the neighborhoods where you want to live. Landlords sometimes put “for rent” signs in front of their houses or the window of the free apartment.

Look for IZNAJMLJUJE SE, which means FOR RENT.

During your stroll, you can also check out the notice boards in buildings or find rental signs posted around the neighborhood.

#6 Newspapers

Believe it or not, newspapers can be a good source for finding apartments. Plavi oglasnik is the most popular, and it contains only advertisements. Other daily and weekly newspapers, such as Večernji list, Jutarnji list, and 24sata, usually contain an ad section in their print issues. Take a pauza, grab a paper, and sip some kava while you peruse the listings.

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We wish you a successful apartment search! Remember that finding the perfect place to live is always stressful, so take your time, take it easy, and you will succeed.

Get help finding a home in Croatia

Are you planning a move to the Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, or Zagreb area? If so, we can help you find a place to call home. In fact, we can help you find a home ANYWHERE in Croatia.

As we shared in this post, finding a place to live in Croatia can be challenging. It is much easier when you have a local who knows the good spots (and bad), can share the realities of what you can (and cannot) find, and advocate and negotiate on your behalf with the landlord.

We can help by:

  • Combing all listings to find properties that best match your criteria
  • Personally accompanying you to view the properties
  • Pointing out red flags about a property
  • Sharing local knowledge about the neighborhoods and renting in Croatia
  • Negotiating with the landlord to make sure you get the best price
  • Organizing a legal review of the contract according to the requirements of the police and making sure it protects your interests by Croatian law
  • Finding a cleaner once you’re all moved in
  • Explaining utility payment and what to expect from your landlord
  • Guiding you in setting up the internet
  • Coordinating with the real estate agent, if required, for a property
  • Translating at every step

If you’re ready to get started in your property search, please complete the form below. To get started, we will schedule a free 15-minute call so you can meet us and we can get to know what your needs.

We look forward to meeting you!

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