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Find a job in Croatia
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UPDATED: 16/12/2022

Finding a job can drain a lot of energy and time. If you don’t know how to find a job in Croatia, you may spend too much energy on actions that won’t bring your desired results.

It is easier to keep up to date on open jobs if you know where to look. There are many online resources where you can look for available job positions in Croatia.

In addition, some internet sites publish articles with advice that can help in your job search. We bring you the best steps to take when looking for a new job in Croatia.

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How to find a job in Croatia

#1 Find a job in Croatia through word of mouth

Sometimes the easiest way to find a job is with help from friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Talk to them and find out if they can help you out. Referrals are a very common way people find jobs, especially in Croatia, so this could be the best way to go.

Maybe your friend has just heard of a great offer, and they think you would be ideal for the job. Put the word out with your community that you are looking for a job. You never know what might pop up.

#2 Find a job in Croatia through Facebook groups

There are nearly 70 expat Facebook groups across Croatia. These groups are a great place to announce that you are looking for a job. Also, jobs can get posted in these groups from time to time, so it wouldn’t hurt to join the ones that make sense for you.

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There are also Facebook groups and pages specifically for people looking for jobs in Croatia. Here is a list of them:

  • Best Jobs Croatia, Zagreb – join here
  • Freelancers Croatia – join here
  • IT Jobs Croatia – join here
  • Jobs Zagreb – join here
  • Skipper Jobs in Croatia – join here
  • TRAŽIM / TREBAM – snimatelja / fotografa – wedding, art… (Specifically for photographers and camera operators) – join here

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#3 Find a job in Croatia through a recruitment agency

Here are a few recruitment agencies:

Please note that these are not vetted agencies, and we are not endorsing them. We are just providing contact information.

#4 Find a job in Croatia by targeting a company directly

Instead of browsing endless job applications online, pick a few companies that you want to work for and target them specifically.

If you wish to come to Croatia to work as a non-EU/EEA national, then this is your best option for getting a job. You cannot be granted a work permit without a work contract from a Croatian company. Your best bet for finding work will be to find companies in your industry and contact them directly for an opportunity.

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If you do seek a work permit in Croatia as a non-EU/EEA national, it is important to know that a company can only offer you employment if a Croatian is not already seeking this same type of role by registering with the government’s unemployment office.

Before a company can fill a position with a foreigner, they must first check with the government to see if a Croatian is already seeking the same position. If there is a Croatian who has registered with the government as seeking that role, then the government will mediate a contract between that person and the company, reducing your chances of getting the job.

Previously a company could offer a contract to a foreigner as long as the position fits into the quota, without the need to check with the government first. However, as of January 1, 2021, quotas have been abolished.

Targeting a company directly can be done in two different ways.

Check a company’s website for openings

Many companies put their job applications on their websites. They consider that if you are really interested in working for them, you will often visit their site to check on job openings.

Following the companies you admire, or you’d like to work for is always a plus because if you reach the job interview, you will already know a lot about them and their business, giving you an edge.

Send an open application to a company

Another useful method for finding a job is to send an open application to the companies where you want to work. Most companies appreciate this additional effort and proactivity.

Don’t be lazy. Take some time to research companies that suit you. Many of them have a form on their website or an email address where you can send a cover letter and CV. You can also go in person to the company as well. With seasonal work especially, this can be very effective.

#5 Search for a job in Croatia on Croatian job sites

There are many websites available where you can find a job. This is usually the fastest and the most comfortable method for seeking job applications.

The available jobs are usually divided into separate categories depending on the branch of the business. Many sites also allow you to drill down with certain parameters to better focus your search.

Here are some of the biggest job search sites in Croatia:

Danas radim is an extremely easy-to-use job portal for jobs in Croatia, as well as other parts of the Balkans. They work directly with top-notch employers to post quality jobs for both Croatian and foreign citizens.

The website is only in Croatian, but don’t let that discourage you. You can contact them directly on their live chat in English to ask about which jobs are available for your language and nationality. is available here.

Moj Posao

Moj Posao is the most popular job-seeking web portal in Croatia. People like to use it because it is intuitive, clear, and has many job offers in one place. The biggest companies in Croatia put their available job positions on Moj Posao.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to get daily job offers according to your chosen parameters most relevant for your search, once you’ve registered a free account. This way, you won’t have to visit the site every day, and you’ll still be updated on the latest jobs best for you.

Moj Posao is available here.

#6 Let the Croatian government help you find a job in Croatia

Another way to find a job in Croatia is to leverage government resources. Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje (Croatian Employment Service), also called HZZ, burza rada, or burza is a state institution that implements employment programs based on the public authority. Its headquarters is in Zagreb.

Every unemployed person can apply to burza, regardless of whether you’ve had a job before or not. By applying, you will be kept up to date with new job applications.

Burza has an obligation to send you job applications according to your education, profession, and interests. Usually, they send notifications via SMS messages. Your obligation is to check in to their office once a month in the beginning, and as time goes by, once every two months.

You can unsubscribe from burza any time if you’ve found a job or if you don’t want to be subscribed anymore. Subscribing to burza is not required by the state if you don’t have a job.

HZZ’s official website, where you can find all the job applications, is available here.

When applying to burza, you must apply at their administration office closest to your permanent address. A list of HZZ regional offices in Croatia can be found here. Find the regional office in your region and click on “ISPOSTAVE” to see the closest HZZ office you may visit.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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Please note: Information provided by Expat in Croatia is only for the purposes of guidance. It does not constitute legal or financial advice in any form. Croatian laws and bureaucratic rules often change, and each personal case is individual, so different rules may apply. For legal advice, contact us to consult with a licensed Croatian lawyer. For financial advice, contact us to consult with a licensed Croatian tax advisor or accountant.

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