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UPDATED: 21.2.2024.

Two of the most frequent questions I get on this site is “Where can I meet people?” and “Where can I find XYZ thing/place/person I need?”. Croatia can be a truly lonely place when you don’t know anybody and are unsure how to get simple things accomplished.

Over the past few years, a number of Facebook groups and pages have cropped up that serve as a community for foreigners living in Croatia. These groups are also a hub for local Croatians interested in mingling with the expat community.

In these groups, you have the opportunity to:

  • Meet people, foreign and local alike
  • Get answers to your most pressing “living in Croatia” questions
  • Clue into local events and culture
  • Get a front-row seat for the gripes and complaints of those living here

The most active expat groups organize their own group-specific outings, from dinners out to walking tours to day trips to nearby sites to super long coffees in the sun.

Before joining the groups, I highly recommend you read this post first.

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The facts are these…

Expat Facebook groups in Croatia

#1 Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Croatia Travel: Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, and islands – join here
  • Expats in Dubrovnik – join here

#2 Croatian islands

  • Expats on Brač – join here
  • Expats on Hvar – join here
  • Expats in Korcula – join here

#3 Istria, Croatia

  • Dogs with Expats in Istria – join here
  • Expats in Istria – join here
  • Expats in Istria Book Club – join here
  • Expats in Istria Cookbook Club – join here
  • Expats in Istria Creative Club – join here

#4 Osijek, Croatia

  • Expats in Osijek – join here

#5 Rijeka, Croatia

  • Expats in Rijeka/Opatija – join here

#6 Šibenik, Croatia

  • Expats Šibenik – join here
  • Expats in Šibenik – join here

#7 Split, Croatia

  • Active Expats in Split – join here
  • Comunità Degli Italiani Spalato – like here
  • Croatia Travel: Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, and islands – join here
  • Digital Nomads Split – join here
  • Empowered Women, Empower Women (Split, Croatia) – join here
  • Expats meet Split – join here **This is the main group for Split
    • Group hosts a weekly coffee meet-up for ages 50+/-. View their events page here.
  • Expats in Split I – join here
  • Expats in Split II – join here
  • Expats in Split Croatia – join here
  • Expats Eat Split – join here
  • Expat mums, Split and around -join here
  • Foreign Business Owner’s Association (FBOA) – like here
  • International Book Club – join here **Moderated by Sara of Expat in Croatia
  • International Families with school-aged children in Split-Dalmaija County – join here
  • Split Buy/Sell/Trade – join here
  • Split Croatia Couchsurfing – join here
  • Split, Croatia Travel and Islands – join here
  • Split Expat Sports – join here
  • Split Infinitives: Writers of the World Unite – join here

#8 Trogir, Croatia

  • Expats in Trogir – like here

#9 Zadar, Croatia

  • Expats in Zadar – join here

#10 Zagreb, Croatia

  • Expats in Zagreb [Official] – join here **This is the main group for Zagreb
  • Expats in Zagreb – join here
  • Expats in Zagreb GO BUY LOCAL! – join here
  • Expats in Zagreb – Networking – join here
  • Expat Parents in Zagreb – join here
  • Expats Sell Donate Exchange Zagreb – join here
  • Expat Women in Zagreb – join here
  • IBMC – International Business Meetup Club – join here
  • Local and International Women of Zagreb – join here
  • Unique Film Club Zagreb – join here
  • Zagreb Expat Dog Owners – join here
  • Zagreb Expat Meet Up – join here
  • Zagreb Latino – join here

#11 All of Croatia

  • Americans in Croatia – join here **Moderated by Sara of Expat in Croatia
  • BANGLADESH-CROATIA-ROMANIA HELPS GROUPS-বাংলাদেশ, ক্রোশিয়া,রোমানিয়া গ্রুপ – join here
  • BRASILEIRAS Residentes na Croácia! (APENAS Mulheres) – join here
  • Chilenos en Croacia – join here
  • Cro Expat Meetup – join here
  • Croatia Expat Casting – join here
  • Croatia Nomads, Foreigners, Jobs, and More Discussion Board – join here
  • Croatian Language for Foreigners – join here
  • Digital Nomads Croatia – join here
  • Expat Focus – Expats in Croatia – join here
  • Filipinos in Croatia – join here
  • Indians in Croatia – join here
  • Internationals Living in Croatia – join here
  • Irish in Croatia – join here
  • Latinas en Croacia – join here
  • Latinos en Croacia I – join here
  • LATINOS EN CROACIA. II – join here
  • Learning Croatian – join here
  • Svenskar i Kroatien (for Swedes living in Croatia) – join here
  • South Africans in Croatia – join here
  • União Portugal-Croácia – join here
  • Venezolanos en Croacia I – like here
  • Venezolanos en Croacia II – join here

#12 Bonus groups

These groups are for when you are so damned fed up that you need to scream something into the void without any judgment to an international audience that understands your pain. They are not for gentle snowflakes.

  • Grumpy Expat – join here
  • Grumpy Wives Abroad – join here

And now an expat group focused solely on amazing women living abroad.

  • Expat Women – A world of opportunities – join here

To learn more about and understand Croatian culture, view this post and this post.

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