Emergency and Helpful Phone Numbers for Croatia

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While in Croatia, whether you are a visitor or a long term resident, it is important to know who to contact in case of an emergency. There are also a few other national services that could prove helpful during your time here.

Let’s start with the most important one.

For emergencies, call 112.

Here are a list of the other numbers to call depending on what you need help with.

  • 192 – Police
  • 193 – Fire Brigade
  • 194 – Ambulance
  • 195 – Search and Rescue if at sea
  • 1987 – Road Assistance
  • 01 4640 800 – HAK (Croatian Automobile Club)
  • 11888 – Telephone Directory
  • 18166 – Weather Forecast
  • 18981 – General Information
  • 11802 – International Telephone Directory

The above numbers are listed as you would dial them from a Croatian number. If you are a visitor and need to call from a foreign number, precede the number with +385. +385 is the country code for Croatia. When calling a Croatian number from a Croatian umber, remove the “+385” and add a “0”.

When you see phone numbers listed starting with a “0”, that version is only to be used when dialing from a Croatian number. That is why the “0” is commonly put in parentheses like this “+385 (0)1 4640 800 to note that it is optional.

For example, to call the Croatian Automobile Club from a Croatian number, you would dial 01 4640 800. To call from a foreign number, you would dial +385 1 4640 800.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency and Helpful Phone Numbers for Croatia

  1. Shawn
    March 19, 2018 @ 4:52 pm

    Thank you Sara… we often wondered what they all were. ???????????????????????? Where in Croatia are you?


    • Expat in Croatia
      April 13, 2018 @ 11:56 am

      Hi Shawn,

      Glad you found this post helpful! Soon, I will post similar posts for individual cities, so stay tuned.

      I am located in Split. 🙂




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