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UPDATED: 6.9.2023.

e-Građani (e-Citizens) is a web application created by the Croatian government to serve Croatian citizens, residents, and businesses. It allows access to government services and performing specific activities online instead of going to physical state institutions in person.

Croatian citizens must be older than 15 years to use e-Građani. EU/EEA and third-country citizens with a Croatian boravište (temporary address) or prebivalište (permanent address) can get limited access. To log in, everyone must have a Croatian OIB.

e-Građani makes communication between people, businesses, and the state easier and faster. It was built with security and transparency in mind.

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

e-Građani (e-Citizens) – Online portal for Croatian government services

e-Građani’s Central State Portal

Središnji državni portal is a web page with information from state institutions and access to e-Građani services in one place.

The portal is divided into the following categories:

  • Postanite e-Građanin (Become an e-Citizen) – information on e-Građani application
  • e-Usluge (e-Services) – access to digital services for citizens and business entities
  • e-Informacije (e-Information) – a catalog of information and advice for life situations
  • Stranci u Hrvatskoj (Foreign nationals in Croatia) – information and e-services for all foreign nationals in Croatia, digital nomads, and EU/EEA citizens
  • Hrvati izvan Hrvatske (Croatians living abroad) – information and services provided to Croatians living abroad and their descendants
  • e-Vlada (e-Government) – overview of Croatian central state administration bodies

View all categories in Croatian here and in English here.

The information catalog is divided into:

  • Aktivno građanstvo i slobodno vrijeme (Active citizenship and free time)
  • Državljanstvo i isprave (Citizenship and documents)
  • Financije i porezi (Finance and taxes)
  • Hrvatski branitelji (Croatian veterans)
  • Obitelj i život (Family and living)
  • Obrazovanje (Education)
  • Poslovanje (Business)
  • Pravna država i sigurnost (Rule of law and security)
  • Promet i vozila (Traffic and vehicles)
  • Rad (Employment)
  • Stanovanje i okoliš (Housing and environment)
  • Zdravlje (Health)

View the information catalog in Croatian here and in English here.

e-Građani’s National Identification and Authentication System – NIAS and credentials

 NIAS, credentials, and security levels

Nacionalni identifikacijski i autentifikacijski sustav – NIAS (National Identification and Authentication System) is responsible for the security of e-Građani and enables access to online services. Essentially, this system is what allows you to log into e-Građani.

You may already easily log into e-Građani with a login you already have. For example, the mobile app for your Croatian bank account may be used to log in to e-Građani.

e-Građani services or accounts have vjerodajnice (credentials) with security levels that can vary between:

  • Low-security level – 1
  • Significant security level – 2
  • High-security level – 3

Some e-Građani services require a higher security level to log in and use them, and some lower. For basic services, level 1 is enough. Services requiring a lot of personal information require level 2 or 3. Only citizens have level 3 access. You can’t use a particular service if your security level is lower than required.

Click here for more details on the security levels.

To summarize, to access e-Građani, you must have an account with a Croatian institution that issues credentials for NIAS. A list of credentials and their security levels is available in Croatian here and in English here.

How to request an account from FINA

If you don’t have credentials, you can request access from FINA free of charge. You can get an account for ePASS (security level 1) by visiting them in person.

To request ePASS, you must have:

  • Identification document (Croatian or foreign ID card or passport)
  • Email address
  • More than 15 years of age
  • Croatian OIB

It is also possible to request mToken from FINA (security level 2) in person at a FINA administrative office.

A list of FINA branches is available here.

[Read: How to Get an OIB Croatian Identification Number]

How to log in to Croatia’s e-Građani service

To get started with e-Građani:

  • Click here for Croatian
  • Click here for English

All services are listed with service information and their security level. You can filter them by:

  • Service category
  • Type of user
    • Citizens – Croatian and foreign nationals with residence in Croatia
    • Business users
    • EU cross-border cooperation – EU/EEA nationals living in their respective countries
  • Security level

These options are only partially in English, and there isn’t a specific section for non-EU/EEA citizens.

Click on the desired service or Prijava in the navigation to get started. The system will lead you through further steps, including authentication. You may need to accept the terms and conditions before proceeding. Pristajem means I accept.

e-Građani (NIAS) services

E-Građani offers MANY services, but not all services are provided to everybody. Croatian citizens have full access to e-Građani.

Third-country citizens with temporary or permanent residence in Croatia can access only services that require security levels 1 and 2. Citizens of EU/EEA member states with temporary or permanent residence in Croatia should have access to all services if they own a required credential of security levels 1, 2, or 3.

As a parent or guardian, you can use certain services on behalf of your minor children.

You can find lists of all existing services of e-Građani below. Once you click on the desired service and try to log in, you will see if you have access. If you do, you can log in; if you don’t, you can’t.

Available services of e-Građani

e-Građani services are organized into the following categories:

  • Aktivno građanstvo (Active citizens)
  • Financije i porezi (Finance and taxes)
  • Hrvatski branitelji (Croatian veterans)
  • Obitelj i život (Family and living)
  • Odgoj i obrazovanje (Nurture and education)
  • Poslovanje (Business)
  • Pravna država i sigurnost (Legal state and security)
  • Prava potrošača (Consumer rights)
  • Promet i vozila (Traffic and vehicles)
  • Rad (Employment)
  • Stanovanje i okoliš (Housing and environment)
  • Zdravlje (Health)

All services are available in English here and in Croatian here. To pick the desired service, click on the belonging category and choose the service you want to access.

Alternatively, the full list of available services is available in English here and Croatian here. You can use these links if you want to avoid categorization.

e-Građani services for business users

All services available to business users can be found in English here and in Croatian here.

e-građani’s Personal Inbox

Osobni korisnički pretinac (Personal inbox) allows government institutions and FINA to contact you directly. Every resident with an OIB (no matter their nationality) can receive private messages/notifications regarding in-process government procedures.

You can log in to your Personal Inbox here. Instructions for the use are available here.

You can also receive notifications from e-Građani in your email. Enable this option in Settings and leave them your email address.

Personal Inbox can also be used via mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

e-Građani support

If you need help or more information, send an email to pomoc@e‑gradjani.gov.hr or call +385 (0)72 200 027.

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