What is “dopunsko” and why you should have this health insurance

If visiting a doctor within the HZZO network, filling prescriptions or getting non-basic health services like specialty blood tests at the hospital, you’ll be asked “imate li dopunsko?”. If you reply that you do not have it (“nemam”), you’ll likely get this response…


I’ve grown quite tired of getting this response, so I broke down and signed up for it. Truthfully, we should all have dopunsko. Let’s start from the beginning.

What is dopunsko?

Dopunsko is a supplemental health insurance policy above and beyond your regular health insurance. If you have only the state health insurance through HZZO, you’ll still be required to make a co-payment in the following situations:

  • Visiting a doctor
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Anything that requires you to go to the hospital including, but not limited to:
    • Non-basic blood and diagnostic tests
    • Specialist appointments
    • Emergency care

HZZO Dopunsko Orange Health Insurance Card

Where can I get dopunsko health insurance and what does it cost?

Dopunsko is offered by HZZO as well as by private insurers. The price varies depending on the insurer, the additional benefits you choose and your age. The private insurers tend to offer multiple options.

Here are 5 insurers that allow you to sign up online for dopunsko:

PBZ also offers this supplement through Generali, which is a good option if you already have a bank account with them. You’ll need to sign up at a bank branch. Their policy starts from 60 kuna.

Most insurers will give you the option to pay monthly, or to pay annually in one lump sum.

Frequent blood donors qualify for a free supplemental policy through HZZO. To qualify, females must make 25 donations and males must make 35 donations. Once you have donated the minimum number of times, take your blood donation booklet to the HZZO offices and request your free supplementary health insurance.

What does dopunsko get you?

It reduces or eliminates the co-payment for health services and medications.

Hospital Neonatal unit
Photo by Governo do Estado de São Paulo

Why should I get dopunsko health insurance?

If you need regular healthcare, then you should absolutely have this supplemental insurance. If you have kids, you should have policy for yourself and for each child. I don’t know much about kids, but I hear they tend to get hurt and sick with frequency.

I’ll admit, it took me nearly 7 years to get on board with dopunsko. I figured that since I don’t have kids or any serious health problems, then it didn’t make sense to pay 70 kuna per month when my monthly out-of-pocket health care costs are less than that.

I’ve since learned that is not a good reason at all. If my greatest fear of getting hit by a car in a crosswalk comes to fruition, then dopunsko will save me from paying a single kuna at the hospital.

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive an insurance card in the mail. When you go to the doctor or pharmacy next, you’ll present this new card so you can avoid or reduce the co-payment.

A little tip: You may get asked if you have the orange card instead of “dopunsko”. The reason is because the HZZO supplement card is orange. However, the supplement cards with private insurers vary in color.

Next time you get asked “imate li dopunsko”, you can say emphatically “IMAM!”.


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