How to get domovnica – Croatian proof of citizenship: Guide for 2024

UPDATED: 20.2.2024.

Anyone with Croatian citizenship can request a copy of their proof of citizenship called domovnica. This document is often required during different application processes.

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How to get Croatian proof of citizenship – domovnica

What is domovnica – Croatian proof of citizenship?

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What is a domovnica?

Domovnica is a Croatian government document that states when you were granted Croatian citizenship. It functions as proof of nationality.

Domovnica is only one of several documents that can serve as proof of Croatian citizenship.

Croatian citizenship can also be proven with:

If you do not have one of the above-mentioned documents, you can prove your Croatian citizenship with domovnica.

Domovnica is also often required as a mandatory document during different application and registration processes.

For example, domovnica is required when:

Where can you get domovnica in Croatia?

Domovnica can be issued in a registrar’s office in Croatia called matični ured.

To get your domovnica, you must be entered into the Book of Citizens called knjiga državljana. The Book of Citizens is a unique record of people who have acquired Croatian citizenship under the regulation of the Zakon o hrvatskom državljanstvu (Croatian Citizenship Act).

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To get the domovnica, you must visit any registrar’s office in Croatia. A list of registrar’s offices in Croatia organized by Croatian counties is available here.

If you have access to the e-Građani government online application, you can get domovnica through its service called e-Matične knjige (e-Registry books). It is available here.

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How to get your domovnica in Croatia

In the following sections, we will describe the process of getting domovnica depending on different scenarios.

#1 You have Croatian parents but you were not born in Croatia

If you’re Croatian diaspora but were not born in Croatia, then you will not be automatically registered in matica rođenih, which is the master registry of Croatian births. A Croatian citizen born in a foreign country can be registered after the fact in matica rođenih. Only after registration can the citizen get a birth certificate.

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The request for Croatian citizenship can be submitted to any police department in Croatia or a Croatian consular office in a foreign country. For people with disabilities, the request can be submitted by their legal representative or authorized person with power of attorney.

To make the request for registration and the associated domovnica, you will need to provide:

  • Completed application form
  • Curriculum vitae (životopis)
  • Original birth certificate
  • Original marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Proof showing family relationship with your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents
  • Background check from your country of birth
  • Certified copy of a valid identity document

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After a decision is made on your application, you will be notified by mail whether or not it was approved. If your request is accepted, then you will receive Croatian citizenship.

After your application is approved, your domovnica can be picked up at:

  • Any registrar’s office in Croatia – view a list of offices here
  • Croatian consular office abroad – view a list of offices here
  • Via e-Građani online service called e-Matične knjige – available here

#2 You were born in Croatia and/or have citizenship through other means

If you were born in Croatia, you already have Croatian citizenship. Or, perhaps you recently applied for and were granted citizenship.

In both of these cases, you can pick up your domovnica at:

  • Any registrar’s office in Croatia – view a list of offices here
  • Croatian consular office abroad – view a list of offices here
  • Via e-Građani online service called e-Matične knjige – available here

#3 You have a Croatian ancestor and need their domovnica, not your own domovnica

To get the domovnica of your parents, grandparents, etc., you must prove the lineage between you and your family member. As evidence, you can enclose either:

  • Your relative’s birth certificate OR
  • Authorization from your relative verified by a notary public confirming your lineage.

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Once you have one of the two pieces of evidence, you can get the domovnica at:

  • Any registrar’s office in Croatia – View a list of offices here
  • Croatian consular office abroad – View a list of offices here

If your relative is dead and you need their domovnica, it is impossible to get it. In this case, you can only get written confirmation from the registrar confirming that your relative was a Croatian citizen.

This confirmation can also be obtained at the registrar’s office in Croatia or in the Croatian Consular office abroad. You can get it personally or via a person authorized by the notary public.

Need help with your Croatian citizenship application?

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  • Target possible red flags and prepare solutions
  • Collect birth records in Croatia (new copies are required)
  • Confirm exact requirements with your embassy or consulate and coordinate with them on your behalf
  • Provide guidance on preparing a successful CV biography (and coordinating translation into Croatian)
  • Prepare your family tree
  • Prepare supporting documentation
  • Coordinate translations for foreign documents, as needed
  • Assist with any issues or questions that arise after submission. They are with you throughout the process from start to approval.

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Having Expat in Croatia and our lawyer network on your side will give you the best shot at approval. It takes 1-2 years on average for applications to be processed, so best not to risk denial. This is nationality, after all, and obtaining nationality is a big deal.

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