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Biggest discount and loyalty programs in Croatia: Guide for 2023

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Croatians LOVE a good discount and they are pros at finding the lowest prices. Assimilating to Croatian culture is not just about speaking the language and understanding the importance of wind. It is also about ensuring you aren’t paying more than absolutely necessary. The cost of living in Croatia is higher than it should be in comparison to the low salaries and taxes are high, so every kuna counts.

Some shops offer rewards programs for card members, some offer discount prices on limited-time promotions and some participate in big annual sales. Here are some of the deepest discounts and loyalty programs to be found in Croatian shops.

Akcija! Akcija!

Biggest discount and loyalty programs in Croatia

#1 DM

What DM sells:  beauty, hygiene, toiletry and cleaning supplies as well as bio non-perishable food items

Program: DM Active Beauty

Benefits: For every 10 kuna spent, 1 DM active point is earned and stored on your DM Active Beauty card. Collected points can be used in exchange for discounts on future purchases. A minimum of 200 points is needed to get a discount. For every point, the award is a 1 kuna discount. You can also earn even more points by purchasing the products on this list, which also changes every 15 days.

Collecting extra points and discounts are also possible by activating the eKupon option online. The products available for these online-activated promotions change every 15 days.

Sign up at: DM stores or online


#2 Bipa

What Bipa sells: beauty, hygiene, toiletry and cleaning supplies as well as bio non-perishable food items

Program: Bipa Card

Benefits: By collecting points on the Bipa Card, you can discounts on future purchases. Every 50 kuna spent earns one kuna on a Bipa Card. Kuna credits are earned over a three-month period. After three months, you have another three months to use the kuna you’ve earned after which they expire. At that point, your balance is resets and you can begin collecting kuna again.

Sign up at: BIPA stores


#3 Konzum

What Konzum sells: food, beauty, hygiene, toiletry and cleaning supplies

Program: Konzum Multi Plus Card

Benefits: For every 2 kuna paid in cash or credit card, one point is earned and stored on the card. 100 collected points equal a 1 kuna discount. Points can be used for discounts on shopping at Konzum, F&F and Atlas. You may collect extra points by buying products with a special “MultiPlus BONUS” sign. Payment via ZABA’s Maestro or MasterCard also earns extra points..

Sign up at: Konzum stores


#4 Školska knjiga

What Školska knjiga sells: books, textbooks, school supplies

Program: Školska knjiga program vjernosti

Benefits: Special offers available only for loyalty program users. Školska knjiga sends emails with special discounts when available.

Sign up at: Školska knjiga stores


#5 Sportina

What Sportina sells: women’s and men’s clothing

Program: Sportina Group Club

Benefits: With the card, you get access to possible discounts of 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 15% and 20% on your total purchase. Percentage of discount depends on the amount spent, which you can see here. Once or twice a year, special discounts of 20-30% are offered on certain articles to card members.

Sign up at: Sportina stores

#6 Bio&Bio

What Bio&Bio sells: organic food and health products – you can read more about this store in our post here.

Program: Bio&Bio card

Benefits: For every 10 kuna spent, 1 point is earned. After collecting 300 points, you get a discount in the amount of 100 kuna. It is possible to exchange points for an educational workshop in the field of natural and healthy lifestyles at the educational institution “Makronova”. Two persons may connect their cards to collect points faster.

Sign up at: Bio&Bio stores or online


#7 Hrvatska pošta

What HP sells: postal services and supplies

Program: Program vjernosti Moja pošta

Benefits: For every 10 kuna spent, you get 1 point. Points can be replaced for rewards, which translate to discounts on HP’s web shop Žuti klik and postage. A minimum of 1300 points is needed to get a reward.  When ready to exchange your points for a reward, you can do so at any postal office, via phone at +385 (0)72 303 304, or online here. When you pick a reward, it is delivered to your postal office for free or to your home or office for an additional fee.

Sign up at: Hrvatska pošta offices


#8 Lidl

What Lidl sells: food, plants, beauty, hygiene, toiletry and cleaning supplies, clothes, dishes, appliances, housewares

Program: Weekly offers and actions

Benefits: Lidl has weekly actions where it is possible to buy products at the specific discounts for a much lower price than usual. If you follow Lidl’s actions on a weekly basis, you can save a lot of money from your monthly budget.

Sign up at: No sign up necessary, just follow their weekly discounts here and find their shops here.



What SPAR sells: food, plants, beauty, hygiene, toiletry and cleaning supplies, appliances, housewares

Program: Weekly actions | Earned discounts

Benefits: SPAR’s weekly actions allow buying products at the specific discounts for a much lower price than usual. Discounts of 50% and more are available.

In addition, SPAR allows you to earn discounts on specific products. For every 50 kuna spent, you earn 1 point (which is tracked by stickers given to you by the cashier). You collect the stickers in a booklet that you can pick up at the store. When you collect enough, you can buy one of the selected products at a great discount (usually 70% and more). The products change periodically.

Sign up at: SPAR stores


#10 Emmezeta

What Emmezeta sells: furniture, multimedia products, appliances, housewares, dishes

Program: Emmezeta klub

Benefits: You can earn 1 point for every 100 kuna spent on credit card and 2 points for every 100 kuna spent in cash. Points earn discounts on certain products as well as future purchases. Earning at least 50 points triggers discounts of up to 5%. 6%, 7%, 8%, 9% or 10%. You can see the chart of discounts here.

Sign up at: Emmezeta stores


#11 Pevex

What Pevex sells: hardware, housewares, appliances, electronics, furniture, sports supply

Program: PEVEX KLUB vjernosti

Benefits: Klub card gives you access to discounts on Tuesdays, delivery of products, discounts in some caffe bars and cheaper fuel at Crodux.

Sign up at: their web site


#12 Bi-annual Sales

In addition to all of the above discounts, it is important to know when the big sales are. There are two big sales that happen every year. There is a summer sale usually in June and a winter sale in January. All stores participate in these bi-annual sales usually with savings up to 70% or higher. If you need to do some shopping, you can save a ton by waiting for one of these sales.


#13 Weekly actions

Most supermarkets offer weekly discounts on specific items. They release the weekly discounts in a printed leaflet, which may appear in your mailbox. You can also pick up the latest one at the store or view it online. It’s also usually posted at the entrance to the store.

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