10 Croatian words to describe the texture of food

Lasagna in Croatia
Lasagna at Pizzeria Galija in Spilt, Croatia

It is very common to be at a loss for words in Croatia as a foreigner when you’re not sure how to communicate your thoughts in Croatian. If you are a foodie like us, this can be very frustrating. But don’t worry – we are here to help!

In this post, we share 10 words you can use to describe the texture of the food, each with a few examples.

Dobar tek!

10 Croatians words to describe the texture of food


Meaning: creamy
Exclamation: Kremasto je! (It is creamy!)

English: This chocolate cake is so creamy that it melts in your mouth.
Croatian: Ovaj kolač od čokolade je tako kremast da se topi u ustima.


Meaning: crispy, crunchy
Exclamation: Hrskavo je! (It is crispy!)

English: Can I get crispy french fries?
Croatian: Mogu li dobiti hrskaviji pomfrit?


Meaning: thick
Exclamation: Gusto je! (It is thick!)

English: Thick tomato soup cures every hangover. Try it if you haven’t already!
Croatian: Gusta juha od rajčice liječi svaki mamurluk. Probaj ako već nisi!


Meaning: raw
Exclamation: Sirovo je! (It is raw!)

English: I asked for medium, but this steak is completely raw.
Croatian: Tražila sam srednje pečen, ali ovaj steak je potpuno sirov.


Meaning: crumbly
Exclamation: Drobljivo je! (It is crumbly!)

English: I prepared veggie steaks for my boyfriend, but they were crumbly. I didn’t use eggs.
Croatian: Pripremila sam vege odreske svom dečku, ali bili su drobljivi. Nisam koristila jaja.


Meaning: dry
Exclamation: Suho je! (It is dry!)

English: My nightmare is dry pasta. I always put a lot of sauce on it.
Croatian: Moja noćna mora je suha tjestenina. Uvijek stavim jako puno umaka.


Meaning: burned
Exclamation: Zagoreno je! (It is burned!)

English: The garlic bread is burned. I was not paying attention.
Croatian: Kruh od češnjaka je zagoren. Nisam obraćala pažnju.


Meaning: doughy, gooey, soggy
Exclamation: Gnjecavo je! (It is doughy!)

English: I overcooked the rice and now it is gooey.
Croatian: Prekuhala sam rižu i sad je gnjecava.


Meaning: fatty, greasy, buttery
Exclamation: Masno je! (It is greasy!)

English: I don’t like to go to that restaurant because the food is always greasy.
Croatian: Ne volim ići u taj restoran jer je hrana uvijek masna.


Meaning: chewy, stringy
Exclamation: Žilavo je! (It is chewy!)

English: This meat is chewy like leather.
Croatian: Ovo meso je žilavo kao koža.

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