Croatian places with the suffix “-ica”

Papirnica (paper shop) in the city of Hvar on Hvar island
Papirnica (paper shop) in the city of Hvar on the island of Hvar

Have you ever noticed there are many words in Croatian that end with the suffix -ica? We certainly did.

The suffix -ica is often used throughout the Croatian language. It is pronounced like “eat-sa“. It can be used to imply that something is diminutive or small. Prijateljica (a female friend) is an example.

However, there is also a seemingly endless list of places (especially shops) that end with -ica as well. In these cases, -ica does not imply a diminutive.

We were so fascinated by this common thread that we made an entire list of the shops, buildings, and locations that end with -ica. If we missed any, be sure to let us know! If you had not noticed this commonality yet, you’ll certainly see it now.

The facts are these…

Croatian places that end with -ica

Place: alatnica
Meaning: toolbox

Place: autobusna stanica
Meaning: bus station

Place: autopraonica
Meaning: car wash

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Place: bolnica
Meaning: hospital

Place: brijačnica
Meaning: barbershop

Place: cvjećarnica
Meaning: flower shop

Place: čitaonica
Meaning: reading room

Place: gostionica
Meaning: pub, tavern

Place: hladionica
Meaning: cold store

Place: igraonica
Meaning: indoor playground

Place: kemijska čistionica
Meaning: dry cleaner

Place: kladionica
Meaning: betting shop

Place: klaonica
Meaning: slaughterhouse

Place: knjižnica
Meaning: library

Place: kockarnica
Meaning: casino

Place: konjušnica, konjušarnica
Meaning: stable

Place: kopirnica
Meaning: copy shop

Place: kotlovnica
Meaning: boiler room

Place: kovačnica
Meaning: forge, blacksmith

Place: kupaonica
Meaning: bathroom

Place: lakirnica
Meaning: paint room

Place: lugarnica
Meaning: forester’s cottage

Place: ljevaonica
Meaning: foundry

Place: mesnica
Meaning: butcher shop

Mjenjačnica (exchange office) on the island of Hvar
Mjenjačnica (exchange office) on the island of Hvar

Place: mjenjačnica
Meaning: currency exchange office

Place: mrtvačnica
Meaning: morgue

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Place: papirnica
Meaning: paper shop

Place: pečenjarnica
Meaning: rotisserie

Place: pekarnica
Meaning: bakery

Place: pivnica
Meaning: pub, beerhouse

Place: praonica
Meaning: laundry

Place: pisarnica
Meaning: writing office

Place: poslovnica
Meaning: bureau, business office

Place: predavaonica
Meaning: lecture hall

Place: printaonica
Meaning: printing house

Place: prodavaonica
Meaning: store, shop

Place: promatračnica
Meaning: observatory

Place: pušionica
Meaning: smoking room

Place: radionica
Meaning: workshop, studio

Place: rađaonica
Meaning: birthing room

Place: ribarnica
Meaning: fish market

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Place: rođendaonica
Meaning: birthday house

Self-service praonica (laundry) in Velika Gorica
Self-service praonica (laundry) in Velika Gorica

Place: (s)palionica
Meaning: incinerator

Place: sladoledarnica
Meaning: ice cream shop

Place: slastičarnica
Meaning: pastry shop

Place: slušaonica
Meaning: listening room

Place: smočnica
Meaning: pantry

Place: spavaonica
Meaning: bedroom

Place: stanica
Meaning: station (like a bus station, for example)

Place: sušionica
Meaning: drying room

Place: suvenirnica
Meaning: souvenir shop

Place: svlačionica
Meaning: dressing room, changing room

Place: šivaonica, krojačnica
Meaning: tailor shop

Place: štedionica
Meaning: savings (bank)

Place: talionica
Meaning: smelter

Place: tiskarnica
Meaning: print shop and office supplies

Place: točionica
Meaning: taproom

Place: tržnica
Meaning: market

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Place: učionica
Meaning: classroom

Place: varionica
Meaning: brewhouse

Place: veterinarska stanica
Meaning: veterinary station

Place: vikendica
Meaning: holiday house

Phrase: vježbaonica
Meaning: exercise room

Place: voćarnica
Meaning: fruit shop

Place: zalagaonica
Meaning: pawnshop

Place: zalogajnica
Meaning: diner, snack bar

Place: zlatarnica
Meaning: jewelry store

Place: željeznička stanica
Meaning: train station

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