All the Croatian vocabulary you might need at a restaurant or cafe in Croatia

Caffe bar in Sibenik, Croatia

Croatia is a tourist country, so many Croatians you might encounter in a caffe bar or restaurant will speak some level of English. However, if you’re outside the city centers, the use of English will be a bit more spotty and inconsistent.

It’s valuable to have some Croatian in your back pocket. Speaking some Croatian, even if imperfect or brief, is always welcome to a server and definitely a sign of respect. Not only could it yield better service, it could even produce some rakija…on the house.

Restaurants and caffe bars are a spectacular place to practice your Croatian. There is usually a bit more patience and you don’t have to speak in complete sentences.

This guide goes over all the vocabulary you might need when at a restaurant or caffe, including some must-need phrases for making a reservation, asking if there is space and requesting the bill.

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

All the Croatian vocabulary you might need at a restaurant or cafe in Croatia

General words and phrases to use at a restaurant or caffe bar in Croatia

Word: konobar
Meaning: waiter

Word: kuhar
Meaning: chef

Word: gost
Meaning: guest

Word: kafić (birc, birtija)
Meaning: cafe

Word: restoran
Meaning: restaurant

Word: doručak
Meaning: breakfast

Word: ručak
Meaning: lunch

Word: večera
Meaning: dinner

Phrase: Dobro jutro!
Meaning: Good morning!

Phrase: Dobar dan!
Meaning: Good afternoon!

Phrase: Dobra večer!
Meaning: Good evening!

Phrase: Doviđenja!
Meaning: Good bye!

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Word: Oprostite!
Meaning: Excuse me! (Commonly used to convey “pardon” or “sorry”)

Word: molim
Meaning: please

Phrase: Da, molim.
Meaning: Yes, please.

Phrase: Ne, hvala.
Meaning: No, thanks.

Word: Hvala!
Meaning: Thank you!

Word: slobodno (Used when you’re done with your plate and it can be taken away or to ask someone who’s leaving if their seat/table is now available.)
Meaning: free

Word: juha
Meaning: soup

Word: meso
Meaning: meat

Phrase: morska hrana
Meaning: seafood

Phrase: lokalna hrana
Meaning: local food

Word: voće
Meaning: fruits

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Word: povrće
Meaning: vegetables

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Word: predjelo
Meaning: starter

Phrase: glavno jelo
Meaning: main course

Word: salata
Meaning: salad

Word: desert
Meaning: dessert

Word: piće
Meaning: drink

Word: voda
Meaning: water

Phrase: mineralna voda
Meaning: sparkling water

Word: kava
Meaning: coffee

Word: mlijeko
Meaning: milk

Word: kava s mlijekom
Meaning: coffee with milk

Word: alkohol
Meaning: alcohol

Word: žestoko piće, žestica
Meaning: liqueur, hard drink

Word: wine
Meaning: vino

Word: pivo
Meaning: beer

Word: rakija
Meaning: Croatian hard liqueur

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Word: šećer
Meaning: sugar

Word: sol
Meaning: salt

Word: papar
Meaning: pepper

Word: ulje
Meaning: oil

Word: ocat
Meaning: vinegar

Phrase: pribor za jelo
Meaning: cutlery

Word: tanjur
Meaning: plate

Word: čaša
Meaning: glass

Word: šalica
Meaning: cup

Word: boca
Meaning: bottle

Word: žlica
Meaning: spoon

Word: žličica
Meaning: teaspoon

Word: vilica
Meaning: fork

Word: nož
Meaning: knife

Phrase: slabo pečeno
Meaning: rare

Phrase: srednje-slabo pečeno
Meaning: medium-rare

Phrase: srednje pečeno
Meaning: medium

Phrase: jako pečeno
Meaning: well done

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Word: pušači
Meaning: smokers

Phrase: prostor za pušače
Meaning: smoking area

Phrase: prostor za nepušače
Meaning: non-smoking area

Word: pušači
Meaning: smokers

Word: vegetarijanac
Meaning: vegetarian

Word: vegan
Meaning: vegan

Phrases to use before or on arrival

Phrase: Trebam li rezervirati?
Meaning: Do I need to make a reservation?

Phrase: Želim napraviti rezervaciju za dvoje/troje/četvero/petero/šestero.
Meaning: I’d like to make a reservation for two/three/four/five/six.

Phrase: Želim rezervirati stol za ručak/večeras/sutra.
Meaning: I’d like to book a table for lunch/this evening/tomorrow.

Phrase: U podne/jedan sat/dva sata/šest sati/sedam sati.
Meaning: At noon/one o’clock/two o’clock/six o’clock/seven o’clock.

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Phrase: Imam rezervaciju na ime […].
Meaning: I have a reservation under [your name].

Phrase: Imate li slobodan stol?
Meaning: Do you have a free table?

Phrase: Ima li mjesta za dvoje/troje/četvero/petero/šestero?
Meaning: Is there space for two/three/four/five/six?

Phrase: Je li ovaj stol slobodan?
Meaning: Is this table free?

Phrase: Molim stol za dvoje/troje/četvero/petero/šestero.
Meaning: A table for two/three/four/five/six, please.

Phrase: Imate li terasu/vrt?
Meaning: Do you have a terrace/garden?

Phrase: Ima li slobodnog mjesta vani?
Meaning: Is there a free place outside?

Phrase: Imate li prostor za nepušače?
Meaning: Do you have a non-smoking area?

Phrase: Imate li prostor za pušače?
Meaning: Do you have a smoking area?

Phrase: Smije li se ovdje pušiti?
Meaning: Is it allowed to smoke here?

Phrase: Do kad ste otvoreni?
Meaning: Until when are you open?

Phrase: Do kad poslužujete?
Meaning: Until when do you serve?

Phrases to use to order food or drink

Phrase: Mogu li dobiti jelovnik?
Meaning: Can I get the menu?

Phrase: Mogu li dobiti cjenik?
Meaning: Can I get the price list?

Phrase: Mogu li dobiti listu vina?
Meaning: Can I get the wine list?

Phrase: Želim naručiti piće/juhu/jelo/salatu/desert.
Meaning: I’d like to order a drink/soup/dish/salad/dessert.

Phrase: Što preporučujete?
Meaning: What do you recommend?

Phrase: Imate li kućnih specijaliteta?
Meaning: Do you have house specialties?

Phrase: Imate li dnevni jelovnik?
Meaning: Do you have a daily menu?

Phrase: Imate li vegetarijanski/veganski jelovnik?
Meaning: Do you have a vegetarian/vegan menu?

Phrase: Imate li dječji jelovnik?
Meaning: Do you have a children’s menu?

Phrase: Mogu li naručiti za van?
Meaning: Can I order takeaway?

Phrase: Želim naručiti za van.
Meaning: I’d like to order takeaway.

Phrase: Na dijeti sam.
Meaning: I’m on a diet.

Phrase: Ne jedem […].
Meaning: I don’t eat [name of ingredient/dish].

Phrase: Ne konzumiram šećer.
Meaning: I don’t consume sugar.

Phrase: Ne pijem alkohol/pivo/vino/gazirana pića.
Meaning: I don’t drink alcohol/beer/wine/sparkling soft drinks.

Phrase: Ne volim […].
Meaning: I don’t like [ingredient/dish].

Phrase: Želim naručiti […].
Meaning: I’d like to order [name of drink/dish].

Phrase: Ja ću […]
Meaning: I will have [name of drink/dish].

Phrase: Koji su sastojci?
Meaning: What are the ingredients?

Phrase: Ima li u jelu […]?
Meaning: Does it have [ingredient]?

Phrase: Imam alergiju na orahe/gluten/laktozu.
Meaning: I’m allergic to nuts/gluten/lactose.

Phrase: Koliko je porcija velika?
Meaning: How big is the portion?

Phrase: Kada će biti gotovo?
Meaning: How long will it take?

Phrase: To je sve.
Meaning: That’s all.

Phrase: Ništa više, hvala.
Meaning: Nothing else, thanks.

Phrase: Što je bolje?
Meaning: Which is better?

Phrases to use during your stay

Phrase: Dobar tek!
Meaning: Bon appétit!

Phrase: Uživaj u jelu!
Meaning: Enjoy your meal!

Phrase: Želiš li probati malo?
Meaning: Would you like to taste some?

Phrase: Mogu/možemo li dobiti vrč vode?
Meaning: Can I/we have a jug of tap water?

Phrase: Mogu/možemo li dobiti još kruha?
Meaning: Can I/we have more bread?

Phrase: Mogu li dobiti još mlijeka?
Meaning: Can I have more milk?

Phrase: Mogu li dobiti čašu vode?
Meaning: Can I get a glass of water?

Phrase: Gdje je WC/toalet?
Meaning: Where is the toilet?

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Phrase: Imate li kakvih deserata?
Meaning: Do you have any desserts?

Phrase: Mogu li vidjeti listu deserata?
Meaning: Can I get the dessert menu?

Phrase: Sve je odlično/u redu.
Meaning: Everything is great/okay.

Phrase: Jako je ukusno.
Meaning: It is very tasty.

Phrase: Nisam ovo naručila/naručio.
Meaning: This isn’t what I ordered.

Phrase: Preslano je.
Meaning: It is too salty.

Phrase: Preljuto je.
Meaning: It is too hot (spicy).

Phrase: Premasno je.
Meaning: It is too greasy.

Phrase: Hladno je.
Meaning: It is cold.

Phrase: Hoćemo li dugo čekati?
Meaning: Are we going to wait long?

Phrase: Hoće li narudžba uskoro?
Meaning: Is our order on its way?

Phrase: Predugo smo čekali.
Meaning: We waited too long.

Phrase: U jelu je kosa/dlaka.
Meaning: There is hair in a dish.

Phrase: U jelu je nešto prljavo.
Meaning: There is something dirty in a dish.

Phrase: Čaša/šalica je prljava.
Meaning: The glass/cup is dirty.

Phrase: Tanjur/pribor za jelo je prljav.
Meaning: The plate/cutlery is dirty.

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How to ask for the bill

Phrase: Želim platiti.
Meaning: I’d like to pay.

Phrase: Račun, molim.
Meaning: The bill, please.

Phrase: Platit ću gotovinom.
Meaning: I’ll pay in cash.

Phrase: Primate li kartice?
Meaning: Do you accept cards?

Phrase: Platit ću karticom.
Meaning: I’ll pay by card.

Phrase: Ja ću platiti.
Meaning: I’ll get this.

Phrase: Podijelimo račun.
Meaning: Let’s split the bill.

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Phrase: Zaboravila/zaboravio sam novčanik.
Meaning: I forgot the wallet.

Phrase: Račun nije točan.
Meaning: The bill is incorrect.

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