Famous Croatian quotes: Part 2 (Love)

Sunset and wildflowers by the river of Krapina in Bedekovčina
Sunset and wildflowers by the river of Krapina in Bedekovčina, Krapina-Zagorje County

“Life gives us back what we give to others,” Ivo Andrić, a poet, writer, and diplomat, once said.

This is the second edition of our series on famous Croatian quotes, where we cover some of the wisest thoughts pronounced by Croatian writers, poets, politicians, and historians. You can view the first post on Croatian quotes about life here.

While reading the following selection related to love, reevaluate your own values and philosophy – and remember to always appreciate, understand, and support your loved ones because love is the greatest gift from the universe.

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Famous Croatian quotes about love

#1 Ante Starčević

Ante Starčević (1823.-1896.) was a Croatian politician, publicist, and writer.

Quote: Nitko nije obavezan da drugoga voli više nego sebe sama.
Translation: No one is obliged to love another person more than themselves.

Quote: Kada se ne može činiti dobro, dosta je da se ne čini zlo.
Translation: When good cannot be done, it is enough not to do evil.

#2 Antun Gustav Matoš

Antun Gustav Matoš (1873.-1914.) was a Croatian poet, novelist, columnist, essayist, and travel writer.

Quote: Jer cilj je svemu istančana duša.
Translation: Because the goal of everything is a refined soul.

#3 Ivan Aralica

Ivan Aralica (1930.-) is a Croatian writer and academic.

Quote: Sve vječne ljubavi žive u grobu.
Translation: All eternal loves live in a grave.

#4 Ivo Andrić

Ivo Andrić (1892.-1975.) was a Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian poet, writer, and diplomat.

Quote: U zemlji mržnje najviše mrze one koji odbijaju mrziti.
Translation: In a land of hate, those who refuse to hate are hated the most.

Quote: Jadan je onaj koji mora nekoga poniziti da bi sebe uzdigao.
Translation: Poor is the one who must humiliate someone to raise themselves.

Quote: Život nam vraća ono što mi drugima dajemo.
Translation: Life gives us back what we give to others.

Quote: Što ne boli nije život. Što ne prolazi nije sreća.
Translation: What does not hurt is not life. What does not pass is not happiness.

Quote: Čovjek koji ne voli nije sposoban osjetiti veličinu tuđe ljubavi, ni snagu ljubomore, ni opasnost koja se u njoj krije.
Translation: A man who doesn’t love isn’t capable of feeling the greatness of another’s love, nor the power of jealousy, not the danger that hides in it.

Quote: Čudno kako je malo potrebno da budemo sretni, a još čudnije kako nam često baš to malo nedostaje.
Translation: It is strange how little it takes to be happy, and even weirder how often we miss that little bit.

Quote: Tko čini dobro od njega se još više dobra očekuje.
Translation: The one who does good is expected to do even more good.

Quote: Rana koja se krije, sporo i teško zacjeljuje.
Translation: A wound that hides, heals slowly, and with difficulty.

#5 Slavenka Drakulić

Slavenka Drakulić (1949.) is a Croatian writer and journalist.

Quote: Nitko ne može živjeti sam s boli.
Translation: No one can live alone with the pain.

#6 Tin Ujević

Tin Ujević (1891.-1955.) was a Croatian poet.

Quote: Ljubav nije slobodna, ona je ropstvo po definiciji.
Translation: Love is not free, it is slavery by definition.

Quote: Ko sam i što sam, što ću, koga volim, što tražim, kuda idem, za čime lutam?
Translation: Who am I and what am I, what will I do, who do I love, what do I seek, where am I going, what am I wandering about?

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