Croatian National Theater: HNK Varaždin (including 2024 program)

HNK Varaždin - Croatian National Theater
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UPDATED: 23.3.2023.

Hrvatsko narodno kazalište Varaždin is one of 5 Croatian National Theaters. It is situated in the city of Varaždin, which was the capital of Croatia during the 18th century.

HNK Varaždin is a contemporary national drama theater with a repertoire of classical and Central European dramas. It is well known for its performances presented in the Kajkavian Croatian dialect.

Except for dramas, the theater has a wide spectrum of performances, including many experimental pieces and Children and puppet scenes. It gathers many famous young actors from TV, movies, and shows, as well as respected Croatian directors.

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Croatian National Theater: HNK Varaždin

History of the HNK Varaždin, Croatia

The Croatian National Theater’s building was constructed in 1873 by the architect Hermann Helmer, who was a popular Vienesse architect at that time. The first professional Croatian theater ensemble was established in 1898.

The theater was under the management of Hrvatsko dramatsko društvo (Croatian drama society) with a famous Croatian philologist and historian Ivan Mičetić until 1915. Then the Stalno gradsko kazalište (Permanent city theater) was established and worked until 1925. Dramas, operas, and operettas were performed.

Until 1945, some of the biggest Croatian actors, directors, and singers performed in the Croatian National Theater Varaždin. Some of the most famous performers include actor Zvonimir Rogoz, comedian August Cilić, opera singer Ančica Mitrović, actor Branko Tepavac, actor Viktor Bek, and actor Alfred Grunhut.

After 1945, the most famous people to perform at HNK Varaždin were comedian Franjo Majetić, actor Ivo Serdar, actress Sanda Langerholz, and actor Ivo Rogulja. Notable directors to direct performances at the Varaždin theater were Vladimir Gerić and Petar Veček, and conductors Josip Vrhovski, Teodor Romanić, and Davorin Hauptfeld.

Performance of Gospon lovac

Present days of the HNK Varaždin, Croatia

Hrvatsko narodno kazalište in Varaždin has three performing areas – a big stage and two chamber stages. Performances are primarily dramas written by old Croatian writers like I. Bakmaz, M. Jergović, and I. Supek. In addition, there are classics written by Sofoklo, Moliere, Shakespeare, and Cervantes and Central European dramas written by Kafka, Molnar, and Krleža.

The theater has an excellent ensemble that consists of many excellent young actors but also includes older generations. Some of the most well-known younger actors in Croatia come from Varaždin’s theater, including Barbara Rocco, Robert Plemić, and Marinko Prga. The theater and its actors have won over 50 awards for their performances and professionalism.

HNK Varaždin program and schedule

The theater’s program includes Croatian drama, Central European drama, and music programs.

The full theater program can be found here.

The announcements can be found here.

How to buy theater tickets

Regular ticket prices vary depending on the type of performance. They can be bought at the theater’s sales office. The price lists and special discounts are available here.

There’s also a possibility to purchase various subscription packages. More information and prices are available here.

Online tickets can be bought here. Before buying tickets, you must submit a free registration here.

Hrvatsko narodno kazalište Varaždin
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HNK Varaždin contact information

Address: Augusta Cesarca 1, 42000 Varaždin
Phone: +385 (0)42 214 688
Ticket desk: +385(0)42 200 250

You can find full contact information for the theater departments here.

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Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Varaždinu

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