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Croatian National Theater: HNK Osijek (including 2023 program)

HNK Osijek - Croatian National Theater
Image by Objektivno

Theater performances in Osijek started to rise in the 17th century, but the theater culture didn’t truly begin to develop until 1907 when the Hrvatsko narodno kazalište (Croatian National Theater) in Osijek opened.

Nowadays, HNK Osijek has approximately 15 annual shows and organizes events such as Dani otvorenog kazališta (Open theater days), Krležini dani (Krleža’s days), New Year’s concerts, and Lipanjske operne noći (June’s opera nights).

With its rich annual program, the theater significantly contributes to Osijek’s cultural life. Today when the culture is a bit neglected in Croatia, HNK Osijek is of great importance not only to Osijek but also to the whole county of Slavonija.

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Croatian National Theater: HNK Osijek

History of the HNK Osijek

The HNK Osijek’s building, designed by a local architect Karlo Klausner, was built in 1866. Its auditorium was built in a baroque style, decorated with elements of Moorish architecture. It was originally used for traveling theater groups.

In 1907, Društvo za osnutak stalnog hrvatskog kazališta (The Society for the Establishment of a Permanent Croatian Theater) was established as it was supported by many politicians and influenced individuals. The theater expert Nikola Andrić became the first commissary and soon founded the theater’s ensemble.

HNK Osijek’s building was restored several times until 1985. In 1991, during the Domovinski rat (The Croatian War of Independence), the building was destroyed by the Serbian army. During the restoration of the theater, HNK was homeless. The restoration was completed in 1995 and the HNK ensembled returned to its home.

In the past, shows such as Dubravka by Ivan Gundulić, Slava preporoditeljima by Milan Ogrizović, and the opera Prodaná nevesta by Bedřich Smetana were performed in the Osijek national theater.

Othello performed at Croatian National Theater Osijek
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Present days of the HNK Osijek

HNK in Osijek has two operating units: the drama unit and the opera unit. It is one of the most important and influential cultural centers in Slavonija. Some of its well-known theater performances are the tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare, the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, the drama Krvavi svatovi (Blood Wedding) by Federico García Lorca, the opera Trubadur (Il Trovatore) by Giuseppe Verdi, and the ballet Orašar by Petar Iljič Čajkovski.

2022/2023 HNK Osijek Theater Program

The theater’s program includes drama, music, and programs specific to this particular theater.

A complete program for drama performances is available here.

A complete program for music performances is available here.

The annual program is available here.

How to Buy Theater Tickets

Regular ticket prices vary from 40 to 130 kn depending on the type of performance.

Prices are available here as well as below.

Online ticket shopping isn’t available and all the tickets can only be purchased at the theater’s sales office.

Individual tickets

Premiere shows

  • 130 / 110 / 90 kn for a regular ticket
  • 80 kn for people with disabilities (a proof document about the disability is required)

Replay shows

  • 110 / 90 / 80 kn for a regular ticket
  • 55 kn for people with disabilities (a proof document about the disability is required)

Ongoing shows

  • 70 / 60 / 50 kn for a regular ticket
  • 40 kn for retired persons (with written proof of retirement)
  • 35 kn for unemployed persons (with a written proof from HZZ – employment agency)
  • 40 kn for students (with iksica/student’s card)
  • 30 kn for people with disabilities (a proof document about the disability is required)
  • 55 kn for people with disabilities and their companion

Subscription tickets

  • Premiere shows – 6 performances: 700 / 570 / 500 kn
  • Replay shows – 6 performances: 570 / 500 / 400 kn
  • Subscription – 6 performances: 450 / 400 / 350 kn
  • 350 kn for retired persons (with written proof of retirement)
  • 250 kn for students (with iksica/student’s card)
  • Bouquet of subscriptions: 3 replay shows of your own choice for 99 kn

Organized subscription tickets

  • School subscription – 35 kn per individual ticket (100 students per show at least and at least 3 shows in a season)
  • School and faculty prices – 40 kn per group ticket
  • Company subscription – 55 kn per ticket (10 tickets per show at least)
  • Tourist agency prices – 40 kn for students and 50 kn for adults (100 tickets per show at least)
Hrvatskog narodnog kazališta Osijek
Image by HRT

Renting the Halls

It is possible to rent the halls at HNK Osijek at the following prices:

  • The main hall – 25.000 kn
  • Svečani foyer – 8.750 kn

You can check the design and technical data here.

Ceremonial photography services are also available for the price of 2.000 kn.

Headquarters: +385 (0)31 220 700
Ticket desk: +385 (0)31 220 749
Address: Županijska 9, 31 000 Osijek – view map

Facebook | Instagram

Ticket desk working hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00-13:00 and one hour before the show
  • Saturday: 9:00-12:00 and one hour before the show
  • Sunday and holidays: closed

You have to pick up your reserved tickets within 2 days.

Find full contact information by the theater department here.

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