Croatian Language Lessons – November 2019

Every Monday, we publish a new Croatian phrase and word of the week on the home page of this site. At the end of every month, we publish a wrap up of all of the phrases and words from that month.

Here is a wrap up of our Croatian Language Lessons from November 2019.

Week of November 25


“Krenula/Krenuo sam”
Meaning: I am on my way.
Background: “Krenula” for females and “Krenuo” for males are the past tense versions of the verb “krenuti” meaning “to move or start”. In past tense, it can be used to mean “I’m on my way”.


/skûp/, Noun or Adjective
Definition: A set or collection of objects; A body or group having a common purpose or opinion; Having a high cost or expensive
Example: Restorani u Splitu su preskupi. ~ Restaurants in Split are too expensive.
View “skup” in all cases.

Week of November 18


“Sviđa mi se”
Meaning: I like it.


/zǎbrinuːt/, Adjective
Definition: Apprehensive, anxious, worried
Example: Zabrinuta sam zbog toga što ne govorim hrvatski. ~ I am anxious because I don’t speak Croatian.
View “zabrinut” in all cases here.

Week of November 11


“Veselim se”
Meaning: I look forward.
Usage: You can use this to state that you are looking forward to something. It can stand alone or you can add something to the end like “Veselim se suboti” ~ “I look forward to Saturday”.


/ûzak/, Adjective
Definition: Narrow, having a small width, tight
Example: Split ima uske ulice. ~ Split has narrow streets.
Learn more about “uzak” here

Week of November 4


“Šta ima, Što ima, Kaj delaš”
Meaning: Literally translated means “What do you have?” In practice means “What’s up?”
Usage: “Šta ima” is used in Dalmatian dialect. “Što ima” is straight up Croatian. “Kaj delaš” is used in Zagreb/Zagorje dialect.


/bězdan/, Noun
Definition: Abyss; bottomless or unfathomed depth; precipice
Example: Zaglavila sam u bezdanu birokracije. ~ I’m stuck in the abyss of bureaucracy.
View “bezdan” in all cases.

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