Croatian Language Lessons – May 2020

Every Monday, we publish a new Croatian phrase and word of the week on the home page of this site. At the end of every month, we publish a wrap up of all of the phrases and words from that month.

Here is a wrap up of our Croatian Language Lessons from May 2020.

Week of May 25


“Odakle ste/si?”
Meaning: Where are you from?
Usage: If you speaking to a stranger or an older person say “Odakle ste?”. If speaking to a child or someone you are familiar with, say “Odakle si?”.


Definition: Cheers
Example: Karantena je gotova. Živjeli! ~ Quarantine is over. Cheers!

Week of May 18


“Bilo pa prošlo”
Meaning: Literally means “it was and then it passed”. It is an equivalent to “water under the bridge”.


Definition: friend
Usage Note: “prijatelj” refers to a male friend, “prijateljica” refers to a female friend.
Example: Moja prijateljica radi za općinu. ~ My friend works for the municipality.

Week of May 11


“Sretan rođendan”
Meaning: Happy birthday


Definition: gift
Example: Volim poklone. ~ I love the gifts.


Week of May 4


“samo malo”
Meaning: only a little
Usage: Can be used in a variety of ways. If you need to get by someone, you can say “samo malo” as a prompt for them to move.


Definition: open
Example: Otvoreni su frizerski saloni. ~ Hair salons are open.
See more examples of how to use “otvoren”.

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