Croatian Language Lessons – July 2020

Every Monday, we publish a new Croatian phrase and word of the week on the home page of this site. At the end of every month, we publish a wrap up of all of the phrases and words from that month.

Here is a wrap up of our Croatian Language Lessons from July 2020.


Week of July 27


“Mogu li platiti?”
Meaning: Can I pay?
Usage: Most commonly used when you’re at a restaurant or caffe when you’re ready to pay. You can also say “Može račun” to request the bill and pay, which is less formal.


Definition: invoice, check, bill, account (like a bank account)
Example: Platit ću račun. ~ I will pay the bill.
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Week of July 20


“Koliko košta?”
Meaning: How much does it cost?
Dialect: In Split, you can say “Pošto?” instead, which means the same thing.


Definition: price, tariff, value
Example: Cijena je previsoka. ~ The price is too high.
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Week of July 13


“nema na čemu”
Meaning: you’re welcome, don’t mention it, not at all


Definition: maybe, perhaps
Example: Možda ću stići za 10 minuta. ~ Maybe I will arrive in 10 minutes.
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Week of July 6


“Kako se kaže…?”
Meaning: How do you say…?
Usage: When you want to ask how to say something in Croatian, you can say “Kako se kaže?”


Definition: tired, weary, exhausted
Example: Umorna sam jer je ponedjeljak. ~ I am tired because it is Monday.
See more examples of how to use “umoran”

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