Croatian Language Lessons – February 2020

Every Monday, we publish a new Croatian phrase and word of the week on the home page of this site. At the end of every month, we publish a wrap up of all of the phrases and words from that month.

Here is a wrap up of our Croatian Language Lessons from February 2020.

Week of February 24


“Objesiti mačku o rep.”
Meaning: Literally means “to hang something on a cat’s tail”
Usage: In practice, this phrase is used to mean that something is pointless or doesn’t make sense to pursue anymore or that an opportunity has passed and it is too late.


Definition: Anxiety, concern, fear for something or someone
Example: Kad sam u MUP-u imam zebnju. ~ When I am at MUP I have anxiety.

Week of February 17


“Slon u staklenci.”
Meaning: Literally means “elephant in a jar”, but it is the Croatian equivalent to “bull in a china shop”.


/pâːmtiti/, Verb
Definition: To remember, memorize (commit to memory)
Example: Teško je pamtiti glagole na hrvatskom jeziku. ~ It is hard to memorize verbs in Croatian.
View “pamtiti” in all cases here.

Week of February 10


“Stat ćemo.”
Meaning: We will stop.
Usage: Used in situations to loosely convey “a little further, this will be over soon”, but can be said in any situation to mean that you will stop or take a break shortly.


/ɡlâsno/, Adverb
Definition: Loudly, aloud
Example: Ljudi u kinu razgovaraju glasno. ~ The people in the movie theater are talking loudly.

Week of February 3


“malo sutra, malo morgen”
Meaning: Literally means “little tomorrow”, but in practice means “in your dreams”, “yeah right”, “no way” and “as if”.


/dôːtɕi/, Verb
Definition: To come
Example: Doći ću u subotu. ~ I will come on Saturday.
View “doći” in all cases.

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