Croatian Language Lessons – December 2020

Every Monday, we publish a new Croatian phrase and word of the week on the home page of this site. At the end of every month, we publish a wrap up of all of the phrases and words from that month.

Here is a wrap up of our Croatian Language Lessons from December 2020.

Week of December 21 and December 28


“Sve najbolje”
Meaning: All best wishes


Definition: song
Example: Ova me pjesma podsjeća na Božić. ~ This song reminds me of Christmas.
See more examples of how to use “pjesma”

Week of December 14


“Puna kapa”
Meaning: Capful; full hat
Usage: To express that you’re fed up with something or someone and you need a break


Definition: high, tall
Example: Andrea je jako visoka. ~ Andrea is very tall
See more examples of how to use “visok”

Week of December 7


“U susjedstvu”
Meaning: In the neighborhood, next door


Definition: close, shut down
Example: Molim te, zatvori prozor. ~ Please, close the window.
See more examples of how to use “zatvoriti”

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