Croatian holiday words and phrases

Snow in Zagreb, Croatia
Snow in Zagreb, Croatia

Christmas is a big deal in Croatia. The Christmas season starts with Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicholas) on December 6 and runs through January 6, when the country celebrates Sveta tri kralja (Epiphany). During this time, there are lots of Christmas traditions, memorial days, and of course, lunches.

To help you get through the holiday season like a local, we’ve prepared a glossary of Croatian holiday words and phrases that will take you all the way to the new year. Learn how to invite a friend to Christmas lunch and also how to admit that you’re hungover on New Year’s Day.

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Croatian holiday words and phrases

Croatian Christmas holidays words

Word: advent
Meaning: advent

Word: Badnjak
Meaning: Christmas Eve

Word: Bogojavljenje, Sveta tri kralja
Meaning: Epiphany

Word: Božić
Meaning: Christmas

Word: čestitati
Meaning: to congratulate

Word: čestitka
Meaning: greeting card

Word: doček
Meaning: waiting for the New Year

Word: godišnji (odmor)
Meaning: holiday, vacation

Word: inje
Meaning: frost

Word: kamin
Meaning: fireplace

Word: klizanje (na ledu)
Meaning: ice skating

Word: led
Meaning: ice

Word: pokloni
Meaning: gifts

Word: Polnoćka
Meaning: Christmas Eve Mass

Word: praznici
Meaning: holidays

Word: prskalice, krijesnice
Meaning: sprinkles

Word: sanjkanje
Meaning: sledding

Word: Silvestrovo
Meaning: New Year’s Eve

Word: skijanje
Meaning: skiing

Word: slaviti
Meaning: celebrating

Word: snijeg
Meaning: snow

Word: snjegović
Meaning: snowman

Word: sob
Meaning: reindeer

Word: Štefanje, Sveti Stjepan
Meaning: Saint Stephen’s Day

Word: vatromet
Meaning: fireworks

Croatian Christmas holidays phrases

Phrase: adventski vijenac
Meaning: advent wreath

Phrase: božićna čestitka
Meaning: Christmas card

Phrase: božićna jelka, božićno drvce, bor
Meaning: Christmas tree

Phrase: božićne pjesme
Meaning: Christmas carols

Phrase: božićni ručak
Meaning: Christmas lunch

Phrase: božićni ukrasi
Meaning: Christmas decorations/ornaments

Phrase: božićna zvijezda
Meaning: star of Bethlehem

Phrase: božićna zvijezda, poinzetija (plant)
Meaning: poinsettia

Phrase: božićne kuglice
Meaning: Christmas ball ornaments

Phrase: božićne žaruljice
Meaning: Christmas lights

Phrase: božićna pšenica
Meaning: Christmas wheat (sown as a Christmas tradition)

Phrase: Djed Božićnjak
Meaning: Santa Claus

Phrase: Hoćeš li doći na Božićni ručak kod mene?
Meaning: Will you come to Christmas lunch at my house?

Phrase: Kako dočekate ponoć, takva će vam biti cijela godina.
Meaning: How you spend New Year’s Eve will mark your entire next year.

Phrase: kititi božićno drvce, kititi bor
Meaning: to decorate a Christmas tree

Phrase: kuhano vino
Meaning: mulled wine

Phrase: Nova godina
Meaning: New Year

Phrase: Gdje ćeš na doček Nove Godine?
Meaning: Where are you spending New Year’s Eve?

Phrase: Ideš li na godišnji (odmor)?
Meaning: Are you going on a holiday/vacation?

Phrase: Kad ideš na godišnji (odmor)?
Meaning: When are you going on holiday/vacation?

Phrase: Mamurna/mamuran sam.
Meaning: I’m hungover.

Phrase: na godišnji (odmor)
Meaning: on holiday, on vacation

Phrase: pada snijeg
Meaning: it is snowing

Phrase: snježne pahuljice
Meaning: snowflakes

Phrase: Sretan Božić!
Meaning: Merry Christmas!

Phrase: Sretna Nova godina!
Meaning: Happy New Year!

Phrase: Sretni blagdani!
Meaning: Happy holidays!

Phrase: Sve najbolje!
Meaning: All the best!

Phrase: svijeća
Meaning: candle

Phrase: Što ćeš raditi na Božić?
Meaning: What will you do on Christmas?

Phrase: Što ćemo raditi na Staru godinu?
Meaning: What are we doing on New Year’s Eve?

Phrase: Što ćeš raditi na Staru godinu?
Meaning: What will you do on New Year’s Eve?

Phrase: Treba mi godišnji (odmor).
Meaning: I need a holiday/a vacation.

Phrase: Ugodni blagdani!
Meaning: (Have a) pleasant holiday!

Phrase: Uživaj na odmoru!
Meaning: Enjoy the holidays!

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