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Croatia, a captivating country nestled in the heart of Europe, boasts a rich historical tapestry that spans centuries. From its ancient roots and medieval kingdoms to turbulent periods of foreign rule and eventual independence, the country’s history has left an indelible mark on its cultural identity.

For those eager to delve into the narratives of the Croatian past, there is no better place to start than exploring Croatian history books written by Croatian authors. Not only do they shed light on historical events, but they also cover the social, cultural, and political dynamics that shaped Croatia’s development.

We present an intriguing compilation of English-language books that offer unique perspectives on Croatia’s past, authored by talented Croatian historians, scholars, and writers. From ancient civilizations to modern struggles, they invite us to uncover the stories lying in the heart of this vibrant and resilient nation.

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Collection of Croatia’s history books written by Croatian authors

#1 Anđelko Badurina: The Croats: Christianity – Culture – Art

From October 28, 1999, to January 15, 2000, a representative exhibition showcased Croatia’s cultural heritage at the Vatican. Accompanying this event was a two-part monograph.

The first part delves into Croatia’s history, particularly Christian art, with contributions from various experts (Šanjek, Bratulić, Fisković, Tomasović, Stipčević, among others). The second part is an illustrated catalog with comprehensive explanations of each exhibit.

Year: 1999

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#2 Ante Gugo: In the Eye of the Storm: Political, Diplomatic and Military Struggle for Croatian Independence

Ante Gugo has meticulously gathered and extensively investigated all the pivotal occurrences that marked the disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the establishment of the Republic of Croatia, positioning them within a remarkable historical and political framework.

Gugo not only addresses the Croatian War of Independence (referred to as the Homeland War) – which climaxed with Operation Storm and the reclamation of a significant portion of Croatian territory following four years of Serb military control – but also takes into consideration the preceding five years before the onset of the Croatian War of Independence. He thoroughly analyzes the events from the latter half of the 1980s that directly precipitated the Serbian aggressive actions against Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Year: 2016

You can buy this book here.

#3 Franjo Tuđman: Horrors of War: Historical Reality and Philosophy

Written by Croatia’s first President, Franjo Tuđman, this thought-provoking volume delves into the persistence of historical violence. Tuđman assumed diverse roles as a general, president,  historian, and participant in the Bosnian War. He scrutinizes Yugoslavia’s portrayal of Croatia and evaluates crimes by the ustaša puppet government, particularly at the Jasenovac death camp. He illustrates how Yugoslavia strategically exploited Jasenovac and ustaša actions to suppress Croatian independence aspirations.

The book encompasses a memoir, political account, and philosophical exploration, offering a foundation for peaceful 21st-century relationships. Horrors of War provides a unique angle on national violence, portraying a man engaged in both the Croatian War of Independence and the Bosnian War.

Year: 1996

You can buy this book here.

#4 Matko Marušić: Croatia: Past, Present and Future Perspectives

Croatia, recognized for its beauty and soccer prowess today, has a long history that remains unknown outside academic circles. Originally established as a kingdom in the 7th century, it faced periods of lost independence and turmoil until 1991’s independence declaration.

This book delves into Croatia’s history, struggle for independence, post-communist transition, and future prospects, analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Divided into Croatian History Timeline and Past, Present and Future, this book provides crucial insights into Croatia’s untold aspects, serving as a reliable guide to the nation’s essence.

Year: 2000

You can buy this book here.

#5 Stjepan Antoljak: A Survey of Croatian History

A survey of Croatian history is structured around the most significant events in Croatian history presented in chronological order, from the immigration of the early Croats to the present lands up to contemporary events like the War of Independence and the global acknowledgment of Croatia’s sovereignty and democracy in 1992.

Year: 1996

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Final thoughts on Croatian history books

In conclusion, these history books offer a captivating journey through the Croatian nation’s past, struggles, and cultural heritage. These volumes, penned by talented historians, scholars, and individuals, provide readers with diverse and insightful perspectives.

From the intricacies of Croatia’s historical path, its fight for independence, and the philosophical exploration of its challenges to the vivid portrayal of its cultural richness and artistic legacy, these books collectively paint a vivid picture of Croatia’s intricate tapestry.

Note: Almost all aforementioned books can be purchased on Amazon or borrowed from the major public libraries across Croatia.

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