Croatian 101: Fruit Translation Cheat Sheet

One of the easiest places to start when learning a new language is food. We’ve created a handy fruit cheat sheet with both the English and Croatian translation. If there is a difference in the Dalmatian dialect, we’ve included that too. Take this cheat sheet on your next visit to the market. If we’ve missed a fruit, let us know in the comments.

Fruit Croatian Translation Cheat Sheet


There are some fruits for which we could not find a pretty icon. That didn’t seem like enough of a reason to leave them out, so we’ve listed their translations below:

  • aronia/chokeberries
    • Croatian: aronija
  • blood orange
    • Croatian: crvena naranča
  • currant
    • Croatian: ribiz, ribizl
  • nectarine
    • Croatian: nektarina

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Icons made by Freepik, Good Ware, Vitaly Gorbachev, Smashicons, DinosoftLabs, turkkub and Nikita Golubev.

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