Croatian farms and food suppliers with online ordering and home delivery

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Food delivery has become a lot more prevalent and commonplace in Croatia. During the pandemic and earthquakes when markets across the country were closed, many farms jumped in and started offering delivery of local produce, cheese, olive oil, honey, meat, fish and other food products.

The people of Croatia produce incredible food. Ordering produce, cheese, olive oils, and meat from Croatian farms guarantees that the food is locally produced, which is usually of much greater quality than imported food. GMOs will definitely not be involved in production as their use is banned in Croatia.

Buying local supports small Croatian businesses who really need it right now and it also reduces the pollution and environmental impact associated with importing food.

Below is a list of food suppliers across Croatia that offer delivery. We’ve also included a few Facebook groups that serve as as a connection between customers and cooperatives of OPG.

We’ve made lists of sites that include food suppliers from:

All of Croatia

These sites feature food products from all of Croatia:

Food providers, by city and county

These sites and groups serve specific regions and cities with local produce and food products:

You can also discover OPG from across the country on this master list here.

Did we leave out any food suppliers? If so, let us know in the comments.

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