Croatian exclamations for when you need to shout

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There are moments when words just need to spring from our lips in a manner beyond our control to express excitement, frustration, surprise or happiness. Since exclamations tend to be a reflex, our mind usually tells our mouth to express our feelings in the language we are most comfortable in.

If you’re not fluent in Croatian, you are probably still exclaiming in your native language. That is perfectly alright and understandable.

For the day when you are ready to exclaim in Croatian, we’ve put together a list of the most important Croatian exclamations you should know.


Croatian exclamations


Ajde! Hajde!

Meaning: come on
Explanation: to encourage someone to move or go faster



Meaning: wow, oh
Explanation: to express surprise, pain, outrage, reproach


Amen! Aleluja!

Meaning: amen, hallelujah
Explanation: to express ‘Thank God’, something finally happened



Meaning: bravo
Explanation: to praise someone who did a good job


Bok! Pozdrav! Zbogom! Adijo!

Meaning: hi
Explanation: a way to greet others



Meaning: ding-dong
Explanation: to imitate the sound of the bell



Meaning: kiss
Explanation: to imitate the sound of a kiss



Meaning: wait
Explanation: used as a buzzword in different occasions



Meaning: man


Dobro došao! Dobro došla! Dobro došli!

Meaning: welcome
Explanation: to welcome someone (from left to right: singular masculine, singular feminine, plural masculine)



Meaning: eww
Explanation: to express disgust or that something is dirty


(H)alo! Ej! Hej! Oj!

Meaning: Hello, hi
Explanation: to express astonishment, to call someone, to say “hi”


Hura! Jupi!

Meaning: hooray, yay
Explanation: to express delight, greeting, celebration



Meaning: go away, shoo
Explanation: to repel, drive away someone/something


Izvrsno! Odlično! Sjajno!

Meaning: excellent, exquisite, splendid
Explanation: to express approval or admiration


Jao! Joj! Au!

Meaning: ouch
Explanation: to express unhappiness, sadness, trouble, regret


Jebi ga! Jebo te!

Meaning: fuck it, fuck you


Kako da ne!

Meaning: of course, not
Explanation: to emphatically affirm something is not true



Meaning: awesome
Explanation: to express that something is great



Meaning: finally
Explanation: to say that something finally happened


K vragu!

Meaning: damn it
Explanation: used as a buzzword in different occasions


Ma daj!

Meaning: Oh, come on


Molim te!

Meaning: please
Explanation: to ask someone to do something



Meaning: of course
Explanation: to confirm something


Nema problema!

Meaning: no problem
Explanation: to say that something isn’t a problem or doesn’t matter


Nema šanse!

Meaning: no way
Explanation: to express wondering, to say there’s no way that something can happen



Meaning: yummy
Explanation: to express that something (or someone) is delicious


O, Bože!

Meaning: oh, god



Meaning: wow
Explanation: to express wondering



Meaning: for heaven’s sake
Explanation: to express that you’re shocked


Stoj! Stop!

Meaning: stop, freeze
Explanation: to stop someone

U pičku materinu!

Meaning: motherfucker (literally ‘in mother’s pussy’)



Meaning: help
Explanation: to ask/call for help


U redu!

Meaning: okay, alright
Explanation: to agree with something, to express something is okay



Meaning: enjoy



Meaning: big deal, who cares
Explanation: to say that something doesn’t matter that much



Meaning: cheers
Explanation: used when giving a toast

Which exclamations do you use in Croatian? Share them with us in the comments.

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