Croatian Christmas songs to enjoy your holidays

croatian christmas songs
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If you mingle around Croatia in December, you will no doubt hear Croatian Christmas songs everywhere, especially if you hang out at one of the many Advent celebrations.

Hearing a choir performing Christmas songs at Christmas events evokes an overwhelming feeling of closeness, togetherness, and warmth. Traditional Croatian Christmas songs can be heard in churches, but some choirs and musicians perform them at their concerts.

Croatian Christmas songs remind me of my childhood when Christmas was more about hanging out and connecting with family and friends than precious gifts and a crowded city. Christmas was more modest, but feelings were more intense.

To spice up the holidays and help you get to know Croatian Christmas culture, we put together a collection of Croatia’s most popular Christmas songs. Enjoy the days of peace, love, and care. Sretni blagdani! Happy holidays!

Let’s sing Christmas songs…

Christmas songs to enjoy Christmas holidays in Croatia

#1 Robert Mareković & Fantomi – Sretan Božić svakome

Singer: Robert Mareković and Fantomi
Song: Sretan Božić svakome (Merry Christmas everyone)
Year: 1992

#2 Srebrna krila i prijatelji – Božić dolazi

Singer: Srebrna krila i prijatelji
Song: Nova godina (New year)
Album: Kreativni nered (Creative mess)
Year: 1995

#3 Oliver Dragojević – Bijeli Božić

Singer: Oliver Dragojević
Song: Bijeli Božić (White Christmas)
Album: Jedina (The only one)
Year: 1990

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#4 Crvena Jabuka ft. Saša Lošić – Bijeli Božić

Singer: Crvena Jabuka feat Saša Lošić
Song: Bijeli Božić (White Christmas)
Album: U tvojim očima (In your eyes)
Year: 1996

#5 Dino Dvornik – Nova godina

Singer: Dino Dvornik 
Song: Nova godina (New year)
Album: Kreativni nered (Creative mess)
Year: 1992

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#6 Natali Dizdar – All I want for Christmas is you

Singer: Natali Dizdar
Song: All I want for Christmas is you
Album: Cimet i čaj (Cinnamon and tea)
Year: 2018

#7 Prljavo kazalište – Sretan Božić

Singer: Prljavo kazalište (Dirty theater)
Song: Sretan Božić (Merry Christmas)
Album: S vremena na vrijeme
Year: 1996

#8 Jacques Houdek – Zvončići

Singer: Jacques Houdek
Song: Zvončići (Jingle Bells)
Album: Kad si sretan (When you are happy)
Year: 2005

#9 Arsen & Gabi – Božićna

Singer: Gabi Novak and Arsen Dedić
Song: Božićna (Christmas)
Album: Da te mogu pismom zvati (If only I could call you by a song)
Year: 2005

#10 Doris Dragović – Božić bez tebe

Singer: Doris Dragović
Song: Božić bez tebe (Christmas without you)
Album: Ispuni mi zadnju želju (Fulfill my last wish)
Year: 1993

#11 Danijela Martinović – Božić je

Singer: Danijela Martinović
Song: Božić je (It is Christmas)
Year: 2005

#12 Hrvatsko seljačko pjevačko društvo “Podgorac” – Božićne pjesme

Singer: Hrvatsko seljačko pjevačko društvo “Podgorac” (Croatian Peasant Singing Society “Podgorac”)
Album: Božićne pjesme (Christmas songs)
Year: 1966

Božićne pjesme was published in 1966. This album was the first publication of a gramophone record, including Croatian Christmas folk songs after World War II.

The album includes the following songs:

  • Narodi nam se
  • Veselje ti navješćujem
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Djetešce nam se rodilo
  • Svim na zemlji
  • O pastiri, čudo novo
  • Radujte se narodi
  • O Betleme
  • U se vrime godišća
  • Veseli se, Majko Božja
  • Rodio se Bog
  • Uspavanka malome Isusu
  • Spavaj, Sinko
  • O pastiri, vjerni čuvari
  • Tri kralja jahahu

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