Guide on public national holidays in Croatia

EU, Croatian, and Krapina-Zagorje county flags
EU, Croatian, and Krapina-Zagorje county flags in Bedekovčina, Croatia

Croatia has 14 national holidays, many of which are based on Catholicism or are associated with a notable milestone in national history, during which government agencies and many businesses across the country are closed.

Depending on the holiday, bus service may be limited, and some supermarkets may be closed, so be aware of the major ones. I’ve starved on more than one national holiday when all the markets and restaurants were closed simply because I didn’t plan ahead.

Public national holidays in Croatia

Below is a list of all Croatian national holidays, including their English and Croatian names, dates, and links to separate holiday guides.

New YearNova GodinaJanuary 1
EpiphanyBogojavljenje, Sveta tri kraljaJanuary 6
Easter Monday
Uskrsni ponedjeljak
changes annually
Labor Day, International Worker’s DayMeđunarodni praznik radaMay 1
Corpus ChristiTijelovo60 days after Easter
Statehood DayDan državnostiMay 30
Anti-Fascist Struggle DayDan antifašističke borbeJune 22
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving DayDan pobjede i domovinske zahvalnostiAugust 5
Assumption of MaryVelika GospaAugust 15
All Saints DayDan svih svetihNovember 1
The Day of Remembering the Victims of the Croatia War of Independence and the Day of Remembering the Victims of Vukovar and ŠkabrnjaDan sjećanja na žrtve Domovinskog rata i Dan sjećanja na žrtvu Vukovara i ŠkabrnjeNovember 18
ChristmasBožićDecember 25
Saint Stephen’s DaySveti Stjepan, ŠtefanjeDecember 26

Some cities in Croatia, such as Split and Dubrovnik, celebrate their own holidays, in addition to the public ones, celebrating patron saints or other milestones in their history.

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