Croatia’s banks that offer mortgages and who they will consider for a loan

old houses in Poreč
Old houses in Poreč, Istria

UPDATED: 11.5.2023.

If you want to get a mortgage in Croatia, it is crucial to understand the options. Not everyone will be considered for a mortgage in Croatia. It depends on a variety of factors, including nationality, age, income source, and residence status. The terms can vary as well.

This article profiles banks and other institutions that give mortgages in Croatia. We found out for whom they consider mortgages, the minimum and maximum age for loan consideration, special requirements around the approval, and contact information.

With this information, you can confidently make a decision on where to apply for a housing loan. Find out more about getting a home loan in Croatia here.

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Croatia’s banks that offer mortgages and who they will consider for a loan

#1 Agram banka

After more than 20 years of business, Kreditna banka Zagreb d.d. was renamed to Agram banka d.d. in 2019. It is the largest bank in domestic private property with a wide range of banking and insurance products and services.

Who they consider: Croatian nationals residing in Croatia
Age limit: Adults not older than 70 at the time of regular maturity of the last installment of the loan
Rules: Person must be permanently employed or retired

Phone: +385 (0)800 24 24 00

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#2 Erste bank

Erste bank is a part of the Erste Group, which is one of the most prominent companies in the financial sector in Central and Eastern Europe. It is in the top 20 employers in Croatia and has been awarded for excellence in human resource management many times.

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Who they consider: Croatian and EU/EEA citizens employed in the EU
Age limit: Adults
Rules: Residence in Croatia is not required

Phone: +385 (0)800 7890; +385 (0)51 365 591 (calls from abroad)

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Buildings in Split

#3 Hrvatska poštanska banks (HPB)

Hrvatska poštanska banka is a Croatian-owned bank with a relevant market influence. In partnership with Hrvatska pošta within a project called Banka u pošti (Bank in a postal office), the bank became the largest distribution channel of primary banking products and services.

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Who they consider: Croatian residents and non-residents
Age limit: Adults
Rules: Non-residents, persons employed outside of Croatia, and persons employed part-time may be beneficiaries of loans only with a co-debtor of full creditworthiness who is employed in Croatia. Users with an active forced collection procedure in FINA (enforcement) or a procedure that has recently been completed may have difficult circumstances in the loan approval process, and the loan application is rejected in most cases. In the process of processing the loan application, they can ask for other documentation. If the documentation is in a foreign language, you must submit a Croatian translation certified by an authorized court interpreter.

Phone: +385 (0)800 472 472

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#4 OTP banka

OTP banka is the 4th largest bank in the Croatian financial market. It is part of the OTP group that operates in 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. OTP was established in 1949 as a national savings bank which is the forerunner of today’s banks.

Who they consider: Croatian nationals with residence in Croatia
Age limit: 18-70 years of age
Rules: You must be employed for at least 6 months. Retired persons can also apply. People employed outside of Croatia can get housing and mortgage loans with a mandatory pledge of real estate as collateral with permanent employment for at least the last 24 months and salary remittances at the bank for at least the last three months.

Phone: +385 (0)72 210 021; +385 (0)800 210 021; +385 (0)21 559 110 (calls from abroad)

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#5 Partner bank

Partner bank was established in 1991 as one of the first private banks in Croatian ownership.

Who they consider: Croatian nationals
Age limit: Adults not older than 75
Rules: Residence in Croatia and a permanent income

Phone: +385 (0)1 4602 222

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Houses at the island of Pag near the sea
Houses at the island of Pag

#6 Podravska banka

Podravska banka is one of the oldest banks in Croatia. Although it has been established on the foundations of tradition, the bank has become a modern financial institution that offers financial services to citizens.

Who they consider: Croatian nationals and legal entities with an office registered in Croatia
Age limit: Adults
Rules: No significant rules

Phone: +385 (0)72 202 020

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#7 Privredna banka Zagreb

PBZ was established in 1966. Since then, it has been part of the largest investment and economic development program in Croatia. The bank has been awarded a number of prestigious international and domestic awards for business quality.

Who they consider: Croatian residents with Croatian employment
Age limit: Adults
Rules: Preliminary calculation of creditworthiness and other aspects that affect the approval of credit is individual

Phone: +385 (0)800 365 365; +385 (0)1 489 1310 (calls from abroad)

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#8 Progreso grupa

Progreso is not a bank but instead serves as an external official sales channel for most banks in Croatia. They can help you find the best option according to your needs since they approach each client individually. You can choose between several loan options for foreign citizens.

Who they consider: Foreign nationals and people who live and work outside of Croatia
Age limit: Maximum age is 72
Rules: Lien on the real estate property whose purchase is financed from the loan or on some other real estate. Property must be insured against fire. Loan users must have at least 12 months of work experience called staž.

Phone: +385 (0)1 5552 620; +385 (0)91 2220 594; +385 (0)91 2222 001

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#9 Raiffeisen bank

Raiffeisen bank is the first bank in Croatia established by foreign capital. It is a part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG from Vienna. Raiffeisen bank often supports projects related to the most vulnerable groups of the Croatian community.

Who they consider: Croatian citizens
Age limit: Not older than 65 at the moment of paying the last loan rate
Rules: Foreign nationals must have Croatian income. Other scenarios are possible depending on the case.

Phone: +385 (0)1 6591 562; +385 (0)72 62 62 62

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Stone house in Grožnjan, Istria
Stone house in Grožnjan, Istria

#10 Wustenrot

Wustenrot is a bank that offers housing loans, housing savings, and life insurance. In Croatia, it was founded in 1998, but it is a part of the international group under the ownership of Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG from Salzburg.

Who they consider: Croatian nationals or foreigners with permanent residence in Croatia, Croatian citizens employed for an indefinite period in Croatia, pensioners, and other natural persons, foreigners with residence in Croatia
Age limit: Adults
Rules: At the time of the final repayment of the loan, the loan participants must not be older than 72 years.

Phone: +385 (0)800 200 500; +385 (0)1 4803 788

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#11 Zagrebačka banka

Zagrebačka banka is a member of the UniCredit commercial bank and the leading bank in Croatia. The bank often supports projects related to culture, sports, children, youth, and humanitarian activities.

Who they consider: Croatian residents with regular income in the EU, Croatian non-residents with regular income in euros and residence in a euro-area EU member state
Age limit: Adults, including retired individuals over 76
Rules: They consider foreign incomes, but only with the additional engagement of a co-borrower who is creditworthy and employed in Croatia. They approach every client individually. Fire and accident insurance policy is mandatory.

Phone: +385 (0)1 6305 485; +385 (0)800 00 24; +385 (0)1 3773 333 (calls from abroad)

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