Coworking spaces in Croatia perfect for remote workers and digital nomads

The Works Split coworking in Split
Image by The Works Split

UPDATED: 4.12.2023.

If you are a traveler who works remotely or a true digital nomad, you must have a stable and consistent workspace available when you need it. Each time you move apartments, cities, or countries, you must re-find your work comfort zone.

Finding the right coworking space that matches your needs is vital if working from your Airbnb in Croatia is not for you. Depending on where you are, this can be a daunting task. However, we have good news.

Croatia has a bunch of individually owned coworking businesses with spaces across the country that are perfect for remote workers and digital nomads. These spaces offer stability, good wifi, and a place to mingle with others just like you.

If you want to apply for a Croatian digital nomad permit, view this guide.

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Coworking spaces in Croatia for digital nomads and remote workers

Coworking spaces in Brač, Croatia

#1 Sail Croatia

Sail Croatia catamaran coworking space in Milna, Brač
Image by Sail Croatia

A tourist agency Sail Croatia offers a completely new concept of coworking spaces located in the ACI marina in Milna, on the island of Brač. They offer catamarans as an ideal space both for working and relaxing at the same time. Their concept of renting catamarans is completely innovative, and there is no similar offer worldwide.

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Address: Hrvojeva ulica 6, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 21 317 902

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Coworking spaces in Čakovec, Croatia

#1 Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje (TICM)

Tehnološki inovacijski centar Međimurje – TICM (Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje) offers a top-quality equipped coworking space divided into working units with desks and chairs. The coworking space is located in the attic of TICM in Čakovec.

Address: Ulica bana Josipa Jelačića 22/b, 40 000 Čakovec – view map
Phone: +385 (0)40 499 405

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Coworking spaces in Dubrovnik, Croatia

#1 Life According to KAWA

At KAWA you can have a cup of popular Cogito coffee while working in a friendly environment. They pride themselves on being the space with the best view in town, and since it is the only coworking space in Dubrovnik at the moment, if you find yourself in the city you should check it out. On your breaks, you can enjoy food and drinks at the bar.

Address: Hvarska 2, 20000 Dubrovnik – view map
Phone: +385 (0)20 670 730, +385 (0)91 896 7509

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Coworking spaces in Gradac, Croatia

#1 Gradac Coworking

Gradac coworking is a cozy space with 4 shared offices and complementary coffee. You can work until you get tired and then walk down to the beach to refresh. In the same building there is also a gym, so staying fit is easy here.

Address: Jadranska 107, 21330, Gradac – view map
Phone: +353 (0)83 836 0951


Coworking spaces in Karlovac, Croatia

#1 Sit & Work Coworking

Karlovac has its own coworking space as well, shared by entrepreneurs and freelancers from the city. You can use the common space, and conference room, and have your own desk, all you have to do is contact them and check if there is a space available.

Address: Ul. Vladimira Nazora 6, Karlovac – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 336 1590

Facebook | Instagram

Coworking spaces in Labin, Croatia

#1 Grad Labin

The city of Labin has converted a space above the city library into a modern coworking space. It is open to everyone who works remotely, and it can be used on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Address: Rudarska ulica 1, 52220 Labin – view map
Phone: +385 (0)52 866 822


Coworking spaces in Murter, Croatia

#1 Jedro Coworking Center

The Jedro Coworking Center offers a conference room, a hall, and a small kitchenette located on the second floor of the building of the Municipality of Murter-Kornati. The conference room is equipped with Wi-Fi, a TV, a flip chart stand, and a conference table with chairs. The hall includes a projector, projection screen, microphone, lockable storage cabinets, chairs, and desks.

Address: Butina 2, 22243 Murter – view map
Phone: +385 (0)22 434 827

Website | Facebook

Coworking spaces in Osijek, Croatia

#1 Poduzetnički inkubator BIOS

Poduzetnički inkubator BIOS started as an idea to connect like-minded people who could share their experiences and work together on achieving their business goals. In this coworking space and startup incubator you can rent a desk, and use the common areas, but also exchange ideas and work together with other freelancers.

Address: J. J. Strossmayera 341, 31000 Osijek – view map
Phone: +385 (0)31 209 955


Coworking spaces in Pazin, Croatia

#1 PazinUP

PazinUP coworking in Pazin
Image by PazinUP

PazinUP is an equipped business support institution managed by the Development agency Heart of Istria that provides infrastructure services and products to entrepreneurs in all phases of development. They support the development of small and medium businesses and raise awareness about the importance of incubators in economic growth and development.

Address: Prolaz J. Šurana 3 52000 Pazin, Croatia – view map

WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

Coworking spaces in Pula, Croatia

#1 Klub Kotač

Klub Kotač has 2 available coworking spaces. The first is a separate quiet room with fast internet and air conditioning, and the second is a part of the Kotač Lounge, where you can enjoy a coffee from Peru or sip local craft beers. Spaces are located at the corner of the ground floor of an old military building called Culture Centre Karlo Rojc where more than 100 non-governmental organizations are hosted.

Address: Ulica Ljudevita Gaja 3, 52 100 Pula – view map
Phone: +385 (0)98 640 892

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Coworking spaces in Rijeka, Croatia

#1 Klub mladih Rijeka

Klub mladih Rijeka (Youth Club Rijeka) is popular among youth, backpackers, and travelers. It is located in the center of the city of Rijeka. The club has 5 classrooms, 2 halls, and a hall with a cafe bar. Rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, whiteboards, furniture, TVs, laptops, and a projector. It also has a library, a barbershop, and the option of color printing and scanning.

Address: Erazma Barčića 9A, 51 000 Rijeka – view map
Phone: +385 (0)95 853 3003

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

#2 RiHub Rijeka

RiHub is an open-space coworking zone of more than 250 square meters over 2 floors. RiHub is also a cultural and participatory center and serves as an info point for the project Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture.

Address: Ulica Ivana Grohovca 1/a, 51 000 Rijeka – view map
Phone: +385 (0)51 209 940

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Coworking spaces in Rovinj, Croatia

#1 Coworking Rovinj-Rovigno

Coworking Rovinj-Rovigno was founded by the city of Rovinj, and it is the first coworking space in Istria. Coworking Rovinj-Rovigno is located in a restored 18th-century building. Their remote working space is only a 2-minute walk to the main city square and 5 minutes from the beach.

Address: Augusto Ferri 37A, 52 210 Rovinj – view map
Phone: +385 (0)95 111 2017


Coworking spaces in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

#1 Regus

With 4 offices in Zagreb and one office in Slavonski Brod, Regus is the most widespread coworking franchise in Croatia. Modern and beautiful office space will inspire you to work and connect to other freelancers and entrepreneurs. The office is open 24/7 and has everything you need for a successful work day.

Address: Trg pobjede 29, 35000 Slavonski Brod – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 7707 200


Coworking spaces in Split, Croatia

#1 Amosfera coworking

Amosfera coworking offers a nice space with a sea view. Both foreign and local remote workers, as well as non-profit organizations, use their offices. They are located only 10 minutes from the beach, so you can quickly jump into the sea during a pauza.

Address: Ulica Ruđera Boškovića 20, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)21 566 864


#2 Arhitektonski kolektiv

Arhitektonski Kolektiv (Architecture Collective) is situated on the first floor of an apartment block only 7 minutes away from Diocletian’s palace. Coworkers usually cook healthy food and have lunch together. Arhitektonski Kolektiv is an architectural practice that consists of three fellow architects, a civil engineer, and collaborators of different professional profiles.

Address: Ulica Hrvatske Mornarice 2, Split 21 000 – view map
Phone: +385 (0)21 779 843


#3 Hotel Marvie

Hotel Marvie is the first hotel in Croatia to offer full service to digital nomads. They can stay in Marvie for 28 days or more with a discount of 50%. The coworking space is available to hotel guests and all other digital nomads that reside in Split.

Address: Peričićeva 1, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)21 279 800, +385 (0)21 279 804

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

#4 Meridien Ten

The Meridien Ten coworking space opened in 2020, and it is perfect for freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. They offer a private and productive working environment. Their co-founders come from the travel industry and organize cycle tours.

Address: Ulica Ivana pl. Zajca 7, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)21 388 951

Website | Facebook

#5 Scaleup Office

Scaleup Office is an ideal place for everyone looking to network in a positive and professional, but friendly working environment. Their goal is to give members a space to showcase themselves, network, and develop. The offices are equipped with high-quality, ergonomic furniture. In Scaleup, you can meet people from all parts of the world.

Address: Poljička Cesta 39, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)21 243 527


#6 Smartspace

Smartspace coworking space
Image by Smartspace

Smartspace is a state-of-the-art showroom and workspace located in Split’s Old Town. It can be used both as a gallery and a coworking space. This space gathers people from the fields of technology, education, and design through various workshops, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, team building, and presentations.

Address: Tončićeva 3, Split 21 000 – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 602 9638

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

#7 The Works

The Works is a cozy coworking space for locals and digital nomads. It is ideal for people who want to collaborate, meet other interesting people, and host events.

Address: Spinčićeva 2b, Split 21 000 – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 228 8393

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

#8 TinkTank

TinkTank is a new coworking space in Split. They gather local and foreign freelancers from the IT industry, education, finance, and other similar fields. Workers have free access to the meeting room and a kitchenette where they can prepare meals.

Address: Vrančićeva 6, 21 000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 4133 136

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

#9 Re.Split Coworking

Re.Split is the greenest coworking space in Split, with a biophilic design that includes a lot of green calming space. It is a unique hideout in the heart of Split, where you can use a zen zone on your breaks, enjoy a tasty freshly brewed coffee, and connect to like-minded people.

Address: Cvite Fiskovića 4, 21000 Split – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 3462 542


#10 Prostor

Only 10 minutes walking distance from the historical center of the city, the building where this coworking space is situated is known as the Chinese Wall, because of its size. You can become a member and use the space for coworking, meetings, and events, but you can also join their creative hub and learn some new creative skills.

Address: Plančićeva 2, 21000 Split – view map


Coworking spaces in Šibenik, Croatia

#1 Trokut

Trokut centar za nove tehnologije i poduzetništvo (Trokut Center for new technology and entrepreneurship) is a new coworking and entrepreneurial space in Šibenik. Trokut is a project financed by the European Union to stimulate small entrepreneurs to enter the business world and help them grow their ideas to create new jobs in Šibenik-Knin county.

Address: Ulica Velimira Škorpika 7, 22 000 Šibenik – view map
Phone: +385 (0)22 431 085

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Coworking spaces in Varaždin, Croatia

#1 Technology Park

Varaždin is home to many tech companies and this Technology Park is where all of them meet. Here you can rent out an office, use coworking space, and attend networking events. You can start or scale up your business, or you can also just use the space as a freelancer and be surrounded by innovative ideas and creative individuals.

Address: Zagrebačka 89, 42000 Varaždin – view map
Phone: +385 (0)42 500 050


Coworking spaces in Zabok, Croatia


Stir Up coworking in Zabok
Image by Stir Up

STIR UP is an open coworking space in Zabok which is an ideal place for working and holding workshops. They are situated on the first floor of the business building. It is the first coworking space in Croatia that allows its members to pay for services in cryptocurrencies.

Address: Ulica Matije Gupca 64, 49 210 Zabok – view map
Phone: +385 (0)98 857 164; +385 (0)98 604 614

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Coworking spaces in Zadar, Croatia

#1 Coin Zadar

Coin Zadar offers 365 square meters of open coworking space organized in 3 offices. It includes a meeting room, a presentation room, and a space for socializing and relaxation. It is also possible to organize different exhibitions, workshops, lectures, public presentations, and events in their space.

Address: 16 Put Murvice 2, 23 000 Zadar – view map
Phone: +385 (0)23 627 777

Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

#2 Code Hub Zadar

This coworking space has 25 desks and one conference room, and what sets it apart is that it is free of charge. As a part of the 2CODE project financed by the European Union, you can use the entire premises for free, but you must apply for your space on their website as this is a very popular location.

Address: Franje Tuđmana 24d, 23000 Zadar – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Coworking spaces in Zagreb, Croatia

#1 BIZkoshnica

BIZkoshnica is a coworking place for entrepreneurs, startups, digital nomads, and freelancers located in the heart of Zagreb at two addresses. Their space can be used for meetings, presentations, and workshops. Currently, they are renovating the building on Britanski trg (Ilica 71) but they are offering a charming and bright new space on Tuškanac (Jabukovac 37).

Location #1 – Britanski trg
Ilica 71, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 700 2007

Location #2 – Tuškanac
 Jabukovac 37, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 700 2007

Website | Facebook

#2 Element Int

Element Int offers office and work desk rentals in the center of Zagreb. Their co-working spaces are ideal for freelancers, small teams, or start-ups. They are located only 200 meters from Trg bana Jelačića, which is the main square in Zagreb.

Address: Dolac 1, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 472 9000

Website | Facebook

#3 HUB385

HUB385 is an extra-large coworking space for young developers and creatives. They offer a space for tech events, meetups, workshops, and hackathons. HUB385 has high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, beanbag chairs, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and a 3D printer. In addition, you can register your business at their address.

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Address: Petračićeva 6, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 300 7020

Website | Facebook | Twitter

#4 HUB Gacka16

Coworking HUB Gacka16 gathers people who work in tourism. They offer professional advice and support from the field of travel. It is an ideal place to expand one’s contact network. Gacka16 is perfect for small entrepreneurs who have a need for up to 3 working units.

Address: Gacka ulica 16, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 615 4321

Website | Facebook

#5 Impact Hub Zagreb

Impact Hub Zagreb offers a flexible and inspiring working space with fast Wi-Fi, a printer and a scanner, private phone booths, and space for meetings and workshops. It offers access to useful information related to residence permits and information to help you settle in. In addition, you can register your business at their address.

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Address: Basaričekova 11, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 209 2953

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

#6 InstantOffice Zagreb

InstantOffice offers the rental of work desks with a cabinet, the services of a virtual assistant, and the use of a kitchen and lounge area. They are located within the Zagrebtower, on the 5th floor of the building.

Address: Radnička cesta 80, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 5625 700

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

#7 Mydesk coworking

Mydesk Coworking is a new coworking space in Zagreb. The modern interior design makes this place the perfect working space for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and digital nomads.

Address: Ulica Radoslava Cimermana 62 B, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 200 4737

Website | Facebook | Instagram

#8 Regus

Regus coworking in Zagreb
Image by Regus

Regus has 4 flexible modern workspaces in Zagreb as a part of its global network of coworking spaces. They offer office space at 3400 locations in 900 cities and 120 countries. The coworking spaces in Zagreb are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and ergonomic chairs.

Location #1 – Zagreb Savska
Address: Savska cesta 32, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 7707 000

Location #2 – Grand Centar
Address: Hektorovićeva ulica 2, 5th Floor, 10 000 – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 644 1414

Location #3 – Spaces – Matrix Office Park
Address: Slavonska avenija 1c, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 777 6541

Location #4 – Spaces – Nova Galerija
Address: Zagrebačka avenija 104, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 7707 200

Website | Facebook

#9 Wespa Spaces

Wespa Spaces offers two exquisite locations full of daylight, and the sitting areas are partitioned with glass walls to reduce the noise level. They have modernly equipped meeting and conference rooms, a catering area, a restaurant, and a cafe bar. During pauza, you can enjoy playing video games, board games, and a community library.

Location #1 – WESPA Spaces – Zavrtnica
Zavrtnica 17, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 3756 777

Location #2 – WESPA Business & Lounge – Green Gold
Heinzelova ulica 60, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 532 9947

Website | Facebook | Instagram

#10 ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Centre

Zagrebački Inovacijski Centar (Zagreb Innovation Centre) offers a coworking space with desks and chairs, free wi-fi, access to a printer, scanner, and photocopier, meeting rooms, lounge areas, kitchen and dining space, and a children’s indoor playground. They also provide free consultations with experts, workshops, educational sessions, and legal aid.

Address: Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 3667 101

Website | Facebook

#11 Bee@work

This is a modern office that offers several options, including a drop-in desk. If you find this place interesting for staying longer you can rent out a private office, or share an office with other freelancers. They have underground parking, 24/7 security, and a relaxation zone where you can take your breaks and network.

Address: Savska cesta 84, 10360 Sesvete, Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 4093 480, +385 (0)91 6002 139

Website | Facebook | Instagram

#12 Algebra Spark Coworking Space

Algebra is offering a coworking space for which many people are on the waiting list. Algebra is a private university and educational center that also organizes networking and educational events anyone can sign up for. They have spacious offices with natural light, underground parking, and access 24/7.

Address: Gradišćanska 24, 10000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: + 385 (0)1 2332 861, + 385 (0) 98 418 029, + 385 (0) 99 487 0270


#13 Spaces Matrix

A modern office building with natural colors and a lot of natural light is offering office spaces as well as coworking offices. You have 3 options to choose from 5 days a month, 10 days a month, or unlimited coworking. The biggest advantage of this coworking space is that once you sign up you can use their offices at any location, and they have over 3000 locations all around the world.

Address: Slavonska avenija 1c, Zagreb 10000 – view map
Phone: +385 (0) 1 3445 773

Website | Facebook | Instagram

#14 offSpace

If you are looking for an office that you could rent while still sharing common areas, then offSpace might interest you. They have 19 offices of different sizes, which also means differently priced. Also, they offer meeting rooms, virtual offices, and pay-per-use systems.

Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 269D, 10000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 55 71 000

Website | Facebook

#15 Metropole

Metropole is a cute Swedish corner in Zagreb. They offer flat fee offices, coworking spaces, common areas, and the opportunity to use their other locations in Sweden and around Europe. What sets them apart is that they not only offer a space for you to work but also support start-ups and scale-ups.

Address: Ivana Banjavčića 22, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 6046 820

Website | Instagram

#16 SquareOne Coworking

Beautiful design and brunch bar under the same roof are enough reasons to check out this coworking space in the heart of Zagreb. Walking distance from the Ban Jelačić square and many bars and restaurants close by making this location even more interesting.

Address: Trg žrtava fašizma 1, 10000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)99 7128 040


#17 ŠenoaHub

ŠenoaHub is nothing like a corporate building, this cozy space is occupied by a small group of professionals who bring their own desks, but you can also use a couple of desks that are already in the office. Spacious rooms in a huge old apartment with a lot of light overlooking King Tomislav Square offer one of the best views in Zagreb.

Address: Šenoina 8, 10000 Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

#18 Virtual Office

Virtual Office as its name suggests offers virtual office services, but not only that. In this modern space, you can rent out an office, or a desk in a coworking area. You can also use meeting rooms or sign up for services like virtual secretary and virtual marketing.

Address: Savska 41, Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 353 5905

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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