Buffet Fife in Split, Dalmatia

Buffet Fife is a locals konoba, although it has definitely become more popular with transient tourists lately. Fife is about a 5 minute walk from Diocletian's Palace, keeping it a little out of sight. The tavern overlooks a marina with a large terrace with long benches meant for sharing.

During high season (and nights with particularly beautiful weather), you may be in for a wait if you come at peak lunch and dinner times. 

If you are looking for super affordable meal with casual Croatia food, Fife is your place. It's entirely possible for two people to have a full meal with wine for under 120 kuna. If you are living in Split, one visit is just not enough.

On to the food!

Dalmation Ham with Olives

Salty Dalmatian smoked ham, similar to prosciutto, served with local olives. This is what they considered to be one serving. MEAT SWEATS.

Pasticada and Goulash

Croatian meat and potatoes. On the right, Pašticada, which is similar to pot roast but with an even longer preparation and more flavor served over mashed potatoes. On the left, beef goulash over handmade (and giant) gnocchi.

Grilled Fish

Freshly caught fish grilled whole and finished with olive oil and parsley. The red mullet was out of this world. Their fish varies throughout the year depending on what is in season. 

I can also personally attest that the black risotto, seafood risotto and chicken with mushrooms are all incredibly delicious. Pull up a bench and grab a beer!

Buffet Fife, Trumbićeva obala 11, 21000, Split, Croatia

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Expat in Croatia

Sara is an American expat based in Split. After globetrotting between New York, Amsterdam and California, she moved to Croatia in 2012. Sara's blog Expat in Croatia is a guide for foreigners living and traveling in Croatia.