Fly: Belgrade to Croatia 2014 Flight Schedule on Air Serbia

New carrier Air Serbia, which replaced JAT Airways after a buyout by Etihad, will begin service between Belgrade and Croatia for the 2014 summer season. Below is the timetable for flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik and Split. The following flight schedule began on March 30 for Split, and April 1 for Dubrovnik.

DUBROVNIK 15:40  -2-4-6 – 16:25 BELGRADE JU 143 AT7 01.04 –
BELGRADE 14:15  -2-4-6 – 15:05 DUBROVNIK JU 142 AT7 01.04 –
SPLIT 15:20 1-3-5-7 16:50 BELGRADE JU 153 AT7 30.03 –
BELGRADE 13:20 1-3-5-7 14:50 SPLIT JU 152 AT7 30.03 –


Timetable courtesy of AeroCroatia

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