Bake Sale Fundraiser for Udruga Domine

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In partnership with the Foreign Business Owner’s Association of Split-Dalmatia (FBOA), Expat in Croatia is sponsoring a fundraiser in support of Udruga Domine.

Bake Sale fundraiser to support Udruga Domine

Expat in Croatia and the Foreign Business Owner’s Association of Split-Dalmatia (FBOA) will hold a bake sale to raise funds for Udruga Domine, a non-profit that advocates for women’s rights, gender equality and serves as an autonomous crisis center for victims of domestic violence.

See a list of where this money will go here.

Members of FBOA as well as the Split community will contribute their own baked goods made with love, which people can take home with them in exchange for a donation.

The bake sale will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 9:00am to 2:00pm in front of SmartSpace Coworking at Tončićeva ulica 3 in Split’s city center. View map.

From 10:00am to 12:00pm, Thai Massage will offer 10-minute massages in exchange for a suggested donation to support the fundraiser.

At 12:00pm, the vocal ensemble Oštrokondže will perform traditional folklore songs. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

People can support this fundraiser in 3 ways:

  • Visit the bake sale on March 23, 2024, make a donation and take home something tasty
  • Sponsor the event by making a tax-deductible donation of 100euros or more from a company and get your logo on all promotional materials. To become a sponsor, contact
  • Make a donation directly to Udruga domine

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ALL DONATIONS collected by FBOA will be handed directly over to Domine. All costs associated with the fundraiser will be at the expense of FBOA.

At the conclusion of the fundraiser, we will announce the total amount of funds raised.

Udruga Domine

Udruga Domine is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Split, which was founded in 2003.

The primary goals of Udruga Domine are prevention of the violence against women, raising awareness of the media responsibility for promoting women’s rights, and improving protection of women’s sexual and reproductive rights. They also encourage women to be actively included in all segments of social life.

They actively support victims of domestic violence by providing secure accommodation, psychological counseling as well as legal and medical support.

In 2021, Expat in Croatia raised 3.200euros for Domine, which:

  • Paid for 25 hours of psychological help for women
  • Paid for 20 hours of psycho-social help
  • Paid for Domine to visit 5 women who lived in rural areas who could not come to Split
  • Provided 5 women with material and financial assistance needed in urgent situations

Learn more about Udruga Domine here.

Foreign Business Owner’s Association of Split-Dalmatia

FBOA was founded in 2022, and registered as an udruga in 2023. The goal of FBOA is to bring together business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from both Croatia and abroad for the purposes of knowledge sharing, continuing education, collaboration, philanthropy, and collective representation within the Split-Dalmatia community.

Learn more about FBOA here.

How Udruga domine will use these funds to support the victims of domestic violence

With your donation:

  • Women seeking help, support, and education or will be able to access counseling resources.
  • Women who are abused can get support with just one call and with your donation, Domine can continue providing emergency, legal and psychological work, which is an essential lifeline and crucial in building a new life, strength and independence.
  • Domine will continue campaigns to educate women about gender-based violence, prevention, and sexual violence as well as provide education to young people about digital and sexual violence, what healthy relationships look like, and prevention.

More specifically, the table below outlines how specific amounts will help those who need it.

20€One meal
35€Monthly public transportation ticket
60€One night in temporary accommodation
80€Psychological support
100€Legal counseling
100€Field visits to women living in rural, hard-to-reach locations
100€Financial assistance (bus tickets for traveling to a job interview or further education, money for medicine, heating, clothes, food, etc.)
200€Monthly basic needs (utilities, hygiene products, communication charges)

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