Full list of airports in Croatia

Croatia has a total of 24 airports (called “zračna luka”) across the country, including 9 for commercial travel, 12 for sports and training, and three reserved for the military. This post includes a full list of the airports in Croatia, as well as transportation guides for major commercial airports.


All the airports in Croatia

Zagreb airport in Croatia
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Commercial Airports


#1 – International Airport, island Brač

Address: Gornji Humac 145, 21414, Gornji Humac
Airport Code: BWK
Web Site: https://www.airport-brac.hr/en/

#2 – Dubrovnik “Čilipi” International Airport

Address: Dobrota 24, 20213 Čilipi
Airport Code: DBV
Web Site: https://www.airport-dubrovnik.hr/index.php/en/

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#3 – International Airport Lošinj

Address: Privlaka ul. 19, 51550 Mali Lošinj
Airport Code: LSZ
Web Site: https://www.airportmalilosinj.hr/

#4 – Osijek International Airport

Address: Vukovarska ul. 67, 31207 Klisa
Airport Code: OSI
Web Site: http://www.osijek-airport.hr/

#5 – Pula International Airport

Address: Ližnjan, Valtursko polje 210, 52100 Pula
Airport Code: PUY
Web Site: https://airport-pula.hr/en/

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#6 – Rijeka-Kvarner International Airport

Address: Hamec 1, 51513 Omišalj
Airport Code: RJK
Web Site: http://rijeka-airport.hr/

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#7 – Split “Resnik” International Airport

Address: Cesta Dr. Franje Tuđmana 1270, 21217 Kaštel Štafilić
Airport Code: SPU
Web Site: http://www.split-airport.hr/index.php?lang=en

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#8 – Zadar “Zemunik” International Airport

Address: Ulica I/2A, 23222 Zemunik Donji
Airport Code: ZAD
Web Site: https://www.zadar-airport.hr/en

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#9 Zagreb “Franjo Tuđman” International Airport

Address: Ul. Rudolfa Fizira 21, 10150 Zagreb
Airport Code: ZAG
Web Site: http://www.zagreb-airport.hr/en

Get your guide here on how to get to and from Zagreb Airport.

Sport Airports

Sport airports are used for training pilots as well as recreational activities such as skydiving, kiting, motor kiting, and aerobatics. These airports are for domestic travel only and are open to the public.

#1 – Aerodrom Osijek-Čepin

Address: Ul. IX, 47000 Osijek
Airport Code: LDOC
Web Site: http://www.ak-osijek.hr/

#2 – Aerodrom Čakovec

Address: Zrinskih ul. 5, 40000 Pribislavec
Airport Code: LDVC
Web Site: https://aeroklub-medjimurje.hr/aerodrom-ldvc/

#3 – Hvar Airport

Address: Put Gospojice bb, 21460 Stari Grad
Airport Code: LDSH

#4 – Aerodrom Ivanić Grad


#5 – Airport Koprivnica

Address: Trg mladosti 1, 48000 Koprivnica
Airport Code: LDVK

#6 – Airport Otočac

Address: 53220 Prozor
Airport Code: LDRO

#7 – Airport Grobničko Polje

Airport Code: LDRG

#8 – Aerodrom “Piket” Sinj

Address: Put Piketa bb, 21230 Sinj
Airport Code: LDSS

#9 – Airport Slavonski Brod

Address: Ul. Svetog Nikole Tavelića 2A, 35000 Slavonski Brod
Airport Code: LDOR

#10 – Airport Varaždin

Address:Podravska ul. 60, 42000, Varaždin
Airport Code: LDVA

#11 – Airport Vrsar/Crljenka

Address: 52450 Vrsar
Airport Code: LDPV
Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/airportvrsar/

#12 – Airport Lučko

Address: Ježdovečka ul. 17, 10250 Ježdovec
Airport Code: LDZL


Croatian Military Airports

#1 – Divulje Air Base

Address: 21220 Divulje
Airport Code: LDHD

#2 – Udbina Air Base

Address: 53234, Udbina
Airport Code: LDZU

#3 – Zaton Air Base

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