All the adrenaline parks in Croatia

Rizvan 01
Tree paths in adrenaline park Rizvan

If you crave a dose of adrenaline and excitement, an adrenaline park is a proper place to quench the thirst within a safe environment. Adrenaline parks are mighty places to move away from the routine, face fears, increase creativity, speed up reflections, and recharge batteries.

Croatian adrenaline parks are equipped with safety equipment and supervised by specialized staff. If you are organizing an adventurous birthday party, a bachelorette dinner, a school trip, or a team-building event, an adrenaline park is the right place to go. Most of the parks are great for both adults and children.

In this post, we cover the finest Croatian adrenaline parks including their location, offers, why they are special, and contact information.

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All the adrenaline parks in Croatia

Dalmatia (1 adrenaline park)

#1 Cadmos, Komaji

The Cadmos adventure park is situated within the Cadmos Village complex in Konavle near Dubrovnik and Snježnica (1.234 meters) – the highest peak in Dubrovnik-Neretva country. They focus on the promotion of green tourism, so their complex is powered by 12 solar panels.

In the oak forest, there is a hidden 7-meter high terrace with a spectacular view of Konavosko polje (Konavle field). The adventure park includes zip lines, archery and paintball terrains, giant swings, bicycle repair service, and the first treehouse in Croatia.

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Address: Komaji 3, 20 213 Komaji – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 582 6564; +385 (0)91 112 9200

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Rizvan 03
Climbing rock in adrenaline park Rizvan

Gorski kotar (2 adrenaline parks)

#1 Adrenalin Park Kupjak, Kupjak

Adrenalin Park Kupjak is situated in the pine forest near Delnice, so it is a suitable place to stop by if traveling on the Zagreb-Rijeka highway. They offer a zip line, paintball, sky bridges, archery (bow and arrow, air rifle, and air pistol), and hand football on an 8×5-meter playground.

They also offer Children’s Olympics which includes jumping in sacks, dexterity polygon, and shooting at a target.

Address: Kupjak 72, 51 313 Kupjak – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 569 2979; +385 (0)99 672 2523

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#2 Adrenalin Park Tršće, Tršće

Adrenalin Park Tršće is the highest adrenaline park in Croatia located 860 meters above sea level. Their climbing-walking tree path consists of 13 platforms built at the height of 2 to 10 meters, connected with 7 bridges.

If you need a rest, you can chill in their treehouse like a true Robinson. Tršće is situated in the forest north of the Risnjak National Park which means you’ll rest your eyes in the wilderness of mountain peaks of Risnjak, Snježnik, and Slovenian Snežnik.

Address: Lazi 15, 51 305 Tršće – view map
Phone: +385 (0)95 577 4455


Istria (5 adrenaline parks)

#1 Adrenalin Park Kringa, Tinjan

Adrenalin Park Kringa is nestled in the heart of Istria near Motovun and Pazin – in a once difficult-to-pass neglected forest. It’s only a 30-minute drive from the coast.

Kringa adrenaline park now has 3 adrenaline trails, zip lines, a giant swing, and a quad track. They also offer horse riding and a special park for small children.

Address: Kmačići 22c, 52 444 Tinjan – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 784 9934

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#2 Adrenalin park Medulin, Medulin

If you plan to visit Brijuni National Park, stop by the Adrenalin park Medulin which is in the neighborhood. It is built among oak forests and meadows.

They have a height polygon, paintball, zip line, giant swing, archery, quad, and zorbing. Children will be delighted with splatmaster or a wild buggy drive on the circular 500-meter track.

Address: Biškupije, 52203, Medulin – view map
Phone: +385 (0)98 919 3000; +385 (0)95 814 2560; +385 (0)99 875 0746

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#3 Glavani Park, Glavani

Glavani Park is another adventure park situated in Istria with a lavish offer of adrenaline obstacles. It is the biggest adrenaline park in Croatia and this part of Europe.

Glavani has 3 adrenaline routes, a zip line, an 11-meter-high giant swing, a free fall jump from 20 meters, a climbing wall, and a human catapult. The bravest can try a causeway with the unicycle which is the most demanding challenge in the park and the park’s most demanding project. To recuperate from crazy fun, you can enjoy the concerts held in their arena.

Address: Glavani 10, 52 207 Glavani – view map
Phone: +385 (0)98 224 314; +385 (0)91 896 4525 (English)

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#4 Jangalooz, Fažana, Medulin, Umag

Jangalooz adventure parks are situated in Fažana, Medulin, and Umag. They attract visitors with zip lines, free falls and quick jumps, climbing rocks, trampoline parks, and obstacle paths. Parks are situated in pine forests next to the sea, so a fresh Mediterranean fragrance is guaranteed.

Address: Dragonja 115, Fažana – view map
Pomer, 52 203 Medulin – view map
Stella Maris 9A, 52 470 Monterol, Umag – view map
Phone: +385 (0)98 901 1194; +385 (0)98 279 788

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#5 Sky Fox, Tar

Adventure park Sky Fok is located in an oak forest within Motodrom Poreč. The park has 50 different exercises, a footpool, human table football, giant swing, paintball terrain, airsoft lasergame, and cross & buggy off-road trails. If you like car racing, you can step on the gas at their karting track.

Address: 52 465, Tar, Poreč – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 334 5490

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Lika (3 adrenaline parks)

#1 Adventure park Likos, Gospić

Likos is situated in the heart of Lika near Gospić. Within the park, they offer a zip line, climbing rock, a paintball terrain, splatmaster, table football, archery, mechanical bull for riding, a family rowing board, and horse riding. They organize kayaking on the rivers Lika and Novčica that flows through the park.

If staying on site, you’ll love their terraces, garderobes, deck chairs, kitchen, and barbecue – so you can cook as well.

Address: Kneza Jerka Rukavine, 53000, Gospić – view map
Phone: +385 98 676 238

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#2 Adrenalin park Ogi, Rakovica

A roping polygon in the Adrenalin park Ogi is ideal for people who wish to overcome their fear of heights. Ogi’s offer also includes paintball and splatmaster, giant swing, karting, archery, zip line, airsoft duel, Tomahawk axes, and air rifle.

In cooperation with The Ranch Equus Igni, they offer riding programs for everyone – from experienced runners to beginners. The surrounding area of Plitvice Lakes National Park is a paradise of nature for exploration on horses.

Address: Oštarski Stanovi 129, 47 245 Rakovica – view map
Phone: +385 (0)97 720 2682

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Rizvan 02 1
Giant swing in adrenaline park Rizvan

#3 Rizvan City, Rizvanuša

Rizvan City is a big adventure and excursion center situated in the deep forest of Lika, isolated from the traffic. It includes a paintball terrain, adrenaline park, zip lines, archery and shooting, a giant swing, table football, and a climbing rock. You can take a ride in a quad or SUV for a jeep safari at Velebit Nature Park.

If you need accommodation, you can choose between renovated Lika house built with stone and wood, camping in their new camp, or wooden bungalows.

Address: Rizvanuša 1, 53 206 Rizvanuša – view map
Phone: +385 (0)53 573 333

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Slavonia (1 adrenaline park)

#1 Adrenalinski park Duboka, Velika

In the green woods of Papuk Nature Park in Slavonia, there is an adrenaline park called Duboka (Deep). It is built in the camp of the same name, Duboka, in the valley of the Dubovčanka stream.

The park has 12 elements for adults and 9 for children. If you ever visit Papuk Nature Park or hike on Papuk and you’re not too tired, now you know where to spend the rest of the energy.

Address: F. Cirakija 21k, 34 330, Velika – view map
Phone: +385 (0)91 335 2209

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Zagreb (1 adrenaline park)

#1 Adrenalinski centar Sveta Nedjelja, Sveta Nedjelja

Adrenaline center Sveta Nedjelja is only a 20-minute drive from Zagreb. It has table football, zip line, splatmaster and mini paintball, airsoft shooting range, archery, climbing rock, and ATV rides. A paintball area is situated in the woods on different terrain, so you can run, hide, and shoot until your legs fall off.

Address: Malogorička cesta, Jagnjić Dol, Ivanska 23, 10 431 Sveta Nedelja – view map
Phone: +385 (0)97 690 0989

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