How to find police stations in Croatia (MUP)

Police station in Split, Croatia (MUP)
Split’s administrative police station (MUP)

UPDATED: 7.5.2024.

In Croatia, there are a variety of tasks that require you to visit a police station, which is run by MUP aka Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova (Ministry of the Interior). If you want to apply for Croatian residence or citizenship, register an address, or get your Croatian ID card or passport, you must visit MUP.

There are many police stations in Croatia, but not all of them are administrative police stations. Let’s meet Croatian MUP and learn how to schedule an appointment with them.

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What can be done only in an administrative police station in Croatia

You can do certain things only at Croatian administrative police stations, including:

  • Apply for citizenship – view a guide here
  • Apply for residence – view a guide here
  • Apply for a work permit – view a guide here
  • Apply for a seasonal work permit – view a guide here
  • Get fingerprints taken for the purposes of a foreign background check – view a guide here
  • Register your permanent address (prebivalište) – view a guide here
  • Register your temporary address (boravište) – view a guide here
  • Get a certificate for prebivalište and boravište – view a guide here
  • Get osobna iskaznica (identity card) – view a guide here
  • Get putovnica (passport) – view a guide here
  • Get a driver’s license – view a guide here
  • Register a vehicle (boat, car, scooter, tractor, van, etc.) – view a guide here
  • Get a certificate for vehicle possession – view a guide here
  • Report a loss of any personal document (ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Report a car accident
  • Report criminal activity (robbery, attack, abuse, etc.)
  • Get a license for firearm possession – view a guide here

If you are a foreigner (e.g. not Croatian, but EU/EEA or third-country citizen) planning to move to Croatia for longer than 90 days, you will need to register with the police. Learn how to register or change your address with the Croatian police here.

The police handle all immigration and residency permits for non-Croatians. To register your residency and address, you’ll need to visit the foreigner desk (called Državljanstvo i stranci) at your nearest administrative station. We listed all administrative police stations in Croatia in the following section.

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The general catch-all email address for MUP is If you have questions and you are not yet dealing with an individual police station, then you can contact them using this email.

The headquarters of the Policijska uprava zagrebačka (Zagreb Police Administration) is located at the address Ulica Matice hrvatske 4, 10 000 Zagreb. Their phone number is +385 (0)1 4563 111.

Administrative affairs related to the foreigner’s status are done at Remetinečki gaj 13, Novi Zagreb.

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All police stations in Croatia

Here is the list of all police stations in Croatia, and here is the list of all administrative police stations in Croatia.

Some Croatian police stations require you make an appointment before you visit them. This can be done via an online service called Redomat, which we describe in the next section.

How to set up an appointment at MUP

MUP’s online service called Redomat allows making reservations for appointments at MUP. It is available here. Redomat can be used for setting up an appointment related to:

  • Residence
  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicles
  • Work permit

You can also use it to set up an appointment to take over your personal documents.

Redomat is currently available only for certain administrative MUP stations. The list of stations can be found on their page by clicking on Odabir lokacije redomata (choosing the location of the redomat).

To set up an appointment via Redomat, follow these steps:

  • Choose an administrative station under Odabir lokacije redomata
  • Click on Rezervacija rednog broja (order number reservation)
  • Choose a service under Odaberite uslugu (select a service)
  • Choose a date under Datum (date)
  • Choose a term under Vrijeme (time)
  • Click on U redu (okay)

In addition to setting up an appointment at MUP, Redomat can also be used for checking the status of your appointment number. To check the status, follow these steps:

  • Choose an administrative station under Odabir lokacije redomata
  • Click on Provjera statusa rednog broja (checking the serial number status)
  • Enter your appointment number
  • Click on U redu

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Frequently asked questions

Do you need to register with the police in Croatia?

If you are a tourist staying in a hotel or Airbnb, your host is obligated to register your arrival with the police. Police must know your address in case of emergency. If you are staying with a friend, a family member, or in your own accommodation, you must register with the police by yourself. You can learn more about it in this guide.

How to register an address in Croatia?

Visit the MUP administrative office closest to your new address to register your address. This is an obligatory step in your residency application. Learn more about registering addresses in Croatia here.

How do I get temporary residency in Croatia?

Temporary residence in Croatia is granted in specific cases, for example, if someone is working in Croatia, coming to Croatia to study, or for family reunification. Learn more about all available options for temporary residence in Croatia here.

How do foreigners get permanent residency in Croatia?

You can apply for permanent residency in Croatia after having consecutive temporary residence in Croatia for a certain number of years. For family reunification cases, you can apply for permanent residency a bit sooner than in other cases. Learn more about the transition from Croatian temporary to permanent residence in this guide.

Uputa za izdavanje radne dozvole by MUP
Zagrebačka policija

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