How to find administrative police stations in Croatia

Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova
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Within Croatia, there are a variety of tasks that require you to visit a police station, which is run by Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova AKA “MUP”. There are many police stations, but not all of them are administrative police stations. There are certain things you can only do at an administrative police station including:

If you are a foreigner (e.g. not Croatian) planning to move to Croatia for longer than 90 days, you will definitely need to register with the police. The police handle all immigration and residency permits for non-Croatians. For residency and address registration, you’ll need to visit the foreigner desk (called “Državljanstvo i Stranci”) at your nearest administrative station.

Below is a list of all administrative police stations in Croatia. The catch all email address for MUP in general is [email protected]. If you have questions and you are not yet dealing with an individual police station, then you can contact them using that email.

Administrative Police Stations in Croatia

If you’re in Zagreb and wish to have your fingerprints taken, you must visit the 1st Traffic Station at Heinzelova 98. An appointment is required. You can make an appointment by calling +385 (0)1 6333 446.

Town/MunicipalityAddressPhone number E-mail
Beli ManastirKralja Tomislava 30031/238-179 [email protected]
BelišćeTrg Ante Starčevića 2031/238 439
BenkovacStjepana Radića br.12023/681 150
Biograd na MoruPut Solina 2023/345 739
BjelovarUlica Vlahe Paljetka 2043/270 189 [email protected]
BujeNikole Tesle 6052/538 951[email protected]
Buzet 2. istarske brigade 13052/533 352[email protected]
ČabarZaobilaznica 1051/439 323[email protected]
ČakovecUlica Jakova Gotovca 7 040/373 065[email protected]
ČazmaMilana Novačića 3043/270 510[email protected]
ČepinKralja Zvonimira 24031/238 639
CrikvenicaKralja Tomislava 85a051/439 066[email protected]
Đakovo Ulica Petra Preradovića 1031/813 255
DaruvarPetra Preradovića 9043/ 270 628[email protected]
DelniceŠkolska 25051/439 762[email protected]
Donja StubicaTrg Matije Gupca 18049/201 513 [email protected]
Donji LapacTrg Ive Andrića bb053/675 726[email protected]
Donji MiholjacKralja Zvonimira 3031/631 126
DrnišMate Grubišića br. 4 022/348 139[email protected]
DubrovnikUlica Vladimira Nazora 32020/443 151 [email protected]
Duga ResaJozefinska cesta 30047/664-639[email protected]
Dugo SeloAntuna Mihanovića 201/2753 044[email protected]
ĐurđevacUlica grada Vukovara 63048/656 767[email protected]
DvorTrg bana Josipa Jelačića 6044/560 042[email protected]
GarešnicaKolodvorska 15043/270 000[email protected]
GlinaTomislava Roma bb044/560 972[email protected]
GospićHrvatskog sokola 2053/675 220 [email protected]
Grubišno Polje77. Samostalnog bataljuna ZNG-a043/270 888 [email protected]
GrudaUlica Gruda 48020/444 744
GvozdTrg dr. Franje Tuđmana 5044/560 932[email protected]
Hrvatska KostajnicaAnte Starčevića 2 044/560 734[email protected]
Hvar (town)Ive Miličića 5021/307 565[email protected]
ImotskiKralja Zvonimira 3021/841 124[email protected]
IvanecVaraždinska 13042/373 449[email protected]
Ivanić GradMaznica 401/4570 060[email protected]
JastrebarskoI. B. Mažuranić 101/6281 033[email protected]
KarlobagObala Vladimira Nazora 17053/675 119[email protected]
KarlovacTrg hrvatskih redarstvenika 6047/664-211[email protected]
Kaštel SućuracAnte Starčevića 17 A021/309 089[email protected]
KlanjecTrg mira 3049/201 639[email protected]
Knin Tomislavova 34022/348 339[email protected]
KoprivnicaTrg Eugena Kumičića 18048/656 438[email protected]
Korčula Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 6020/444 333
KorenicaPere Šnjarića bb053/675 815[email protected]
KrapinaUlica dr. Franje Tuđmana 10049/374 432[email protected]
KriževciDrage Grdenića 5048/656 804[email protected]
KrkKralja Tomislava 10051/439 266 [email protected]
KutinaKralja Petra Krešimira IV 2044/646 253[email protected]
Labin Istarska 1052/538 452[email protected]
LastovoDobre Dobričevića bb020/444 444[email protected]
LudbregKoprivnička br.15042/373 239[email protected]
MakarskaPetra Krešimira IV br.4021/307 739[email protected]
Mali LošinjDubovica 1051/439 423[email protected]
MetkovićUlica Splitska 3020/444 222[email protected]
NašiceTrg dr. Franje Tuđmana 6031/238 520
Nova GradiškaUlica A.M. Reljkovića br. 1035/211 624 [email protected]
NovaljaBraće Radića 9053/675 856 [email protected]
Novi MarofFranjevačka 1042/373 339[email protected]
NovskaStaroselska 3044/646 438[email protected]
ObrovacPut Grkovca 12023/345 639
OgulinUlica Bernardina Frankopana 19047/664-939[email protected]
OkučaniAnte Starčevića 5035 / 211 839[email protected]
OmišČetvrt Vrilo 1021/309 710[email protected]
Opatija Poginulih hrvatskih branitelja 1051/710 047[email protected]
OrahovicaStjepan Mlakar 3033/741 139
OsijekTrg L.Ružičke 1031/237-191[email protected]
OtočacVatrogasna 1053/675 619[email protected]
OtokJosipa Juraja Strossmayera 5032/343 633
PagGugliamina Polzinetia br. 6023/345 939
PakracMatice hrvatske 4034/454 616
PazinMuntriljska 2052/538 134[email protected]
PetrinjaIvana Mažuranića 5a 044/560 541[email protected]
PitomačaLjudevita Gaja 58033/741 739
PločeTrg kralja Tomislava 14020/444 111 
PorečGimnastička 2052/533 071[email protected]
PožegaJosipa Runjanina 1034/254 103[email protected]
PregradaJanka Leskovara 5049/201 418[email protected]
PrelogTrg Bana Josipa Jelačića 4040/373 219
Pula Trg Republike 1052/532 595[email protected]
Rab Palit 144/A051/439 846 [email protected]
RijekaŽrtava fašizma 3051/430-509 [email protected]
RovinjIstarska 13052/538 225 [email protected]
SamoborMirnovečka 23A 01/3361 555[email protected]
SenjStara Cesta 23053/675 661[email protected]
SesveteKašinska 1b01/2000 111[email protected]
Šibenik Velimira Škorpika 5022/347 398[email protected]
SinjVrlička 71021/309 310 [email protected]
SisakTrg Ljudevita Posavskog 1044/560 471[email protected]
SlatinaBraće Radić 22033/741 619
Slavonski BrodUlica Dr. Mile Budaka 1035/211 102[email protected]
SlunjDr. Franje Tuđmana 13047/664-839[email protected]
SolinKralja Zvonimira 114021/210 092[email protected]
SplitTrg Hrvatske bratske zajednice 9021/307 322[email protected]
StonPut Braće Mihanovića 1020/444 511
SunjaMatije Gupca 34044/560 471
SupetarMladena Vodanovića 25021/631 145[email protected]
Sv. Ivan ZelinaZagrebačka 3001/2060 106[email protected]
TrogirPut Muline 1021/309 110[email protected]
UmagJadranska 11052/533 421 [email protected]
VaraždinAugusta Cesarca 18042/372 140 [email protected]
Velika GoricaMatije Magdalenića 201/6221 144[email protected]
VinkovciBana Josipa Jelačića 7032/343 810
ViroviticaStjepana Radića 110033/741 344[email protected]
VisVladimira Nazora 32021/309 029[email protected]
VodiceUl. Ante Lasan Kabalera 39022/348 210[email protected]
VojnićAndrije Hebranga 3047/664-539[email protected]
VrbovecZagrebačka 101/2791 124[email protected]
VrbovskoGoranska 3051/439 510[email protected]
VrgoracHercegovačka 5021/504-610[email protected]
VrpoljeJosipa bana Jelačića 130
035/211 739
VukovarStjepana Radića 64032/342 132[email protected]
ZadarPut Murvice 9023/345 271[email protected]
ZagrebPetrinjska 3001/4563 639[email protected]
ZaprešićDrage Švajcara 401/3310 550 [email protected]
Zlatar BistricaStjepana Radića 1049/201 845[email protected]

Please note: All information provided by Expat in Croatia is only for the purposes of guidance. It does not constitute legal advice in any form. For legal advice, you must consult with a licensed Croatian lawyer. We can recommend one if you contact us.

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