Shelters and Counseling Centers in Croatia

If you or someone you know is suffering or at risk of domestic abuse, there are shelters and counseling centers available in Croatia to help. Below is a list of the centers, organized by city, in Croatia with links to existing web sites of shelters and counseling centers for victims of domestic violence.


Udruga za zaštitu žena i djece žrtava obiteljskog nasilja “Iris” – Association for the Protection of Women and Children of Victims of Family Violence “Iris”
Telephone: (0)43 252 114, (0)91 506 7009
Web Site:


Dom za žrtve obiteljskog nasilja “Sigurna kuća”Home for Victims of Domestic Violence “Safe House”
Telephone: (0)99 8357 335
Web Site:


Caritas dubrovačke biskupije – prihvatilište za žrtve nasilja u obiteljiCaritas of Dubrovnik diocese – a shelter for victims of domestic violence
Telephone: (0)20 322 054
Web Site:


Ženska grupa Korak KarlovacWomen’s Group Step Karlovac
Telephone: (0)47 410 606
Web Site:


Sklonište za žrtve obiteljskog nasilja u OsijekuShelter for victims of domestic violence in Osijek
Telephone: (0)99 288 2619, (0)99 588 2619


Sigurna kuća Istra – Pula; Secure house Istria 
Telephone: (0)52 500 148
Telephone for official contacts: (0)52 501 152
Web Site:


Sv. Ana – Caritasov dom za žene i djecu žrtve obiteljskog nasilja – Sv. Ana – Caritas’ home for women and children victims of domestic violence
Telephone: (0)51 672 607

Udruga za zaštitu obitelji U.Z.O.R. – Rijeka; Association for the Protection of the Family U.Z.O.R.
Telephone: 0800 333 883, (0)51 321 130, (0)99 502 7553
Web Site:


Centar za žene AdelaAdela Women’s Center
Telephone: (0)44 888 888, (0)91 881 3309
Web Site:

Slavonski Brod

Udruga Brod – grupa za ženska ljudska pravaBrod Association – a group for women’s human rights
Telephone: (0)35 449 180


Caritas biskupije Šibenik – prihvatilište za zlostavljane žene i majke s djecom –  Caritas dioces Šibenik –  a shelter for abused women and mothers with children
Telephone: (0)22 216 447
E-mail: [email protected]


Caritas Nadbiskupije Split – Sklonište za žene i djecu – Caritas of the Archdiocese of Split – Shelter for women and children
Telephone: (0)21 318 740
Web Site:


Dom za žrtve obiteljskog nasilja “Utočište Sveti Nikola” – Home for Victims of Domestic Violence “Sveti Nikola Refuge”
Telephone: (0)42 234 050, (0)91 683 3333
Web Site:


Sigurna kuća Vukovarsko-srijemske županije – Vukovar (B.a.B.e.); Secure House of Vukovar-Srijem County – Vukovar (B.a.B.e.);
Telephone: (0)32 414 910, (0)98 982 4641
Web Site:


Autonomna ženska kuća Zagreb Autonomous Women’s House  Zagreb
Telephone: 0800 55 44
Web Site:

Caritas Zagrebačke nadbiskupije Caritas of the Zagreb Archdiocese
Telephone: (0)1 366 8822, (0)1 301 6274
Web Site:

Duga Zagreb, Dom za djecu i odrasle žrtve obiteljskog nasilja -Rainbow Zagreb, Home for Children and Adults Victims of Domestic Violence
Telephone: (0)1 383 1770
Web Site:

Ženska pomoć sada – SOS telefon za žene i djecu žrtve nasilja u obiteljiWomen’s help now – SOS phone for women and children victims of domestic violence
Telephone: 0800 655 222
Web Site:


Other Useful Links Related to Domestic Violence:

Mup RH – What is Domestic Violence, Precautionary Measures and Precautions, Participants in Domestic Violence, Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Signs of Violence on Victims, Duties of Police, Counseling of Domestic Violence, Law, Address Book of Assistance Institutions

Web Site:

SIGURNO MJESTO – Safe Place – Offers a first step in your path away from violence. Counseling, advocacy, prevention and suppression of violence. Resources across all counties that includes hospitals, police stations, shelters with counseling centers, counseling centers, social welfare centers, family centers, as well as county and municipal state attorneys.

Web Site: Wttp://

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3 thoughts on “Shelters and Counseling Centers in Croatia

  1. Eddie White
    September 5, 2018 @ 2:01 pm

    I know nothing, other than what I have just read here, about the support available in domestic violence in Croatia.
    I do know that there is a lot of good work happening regarding domestic violence throughout Europe and further afield and being from Scotland I know the situation there better than other areas or countries. The Women’s Aid set-up in Scotland is well established and has been offering help, refuge, support and advice to women for many years.
    I wonder if there is any desire, from any Government Department, or from the voluntary sector, to look at models of domestic violence support in other countries, where it has been established and is seen to be having a positive impact. I am sure that there will be EU grants available to do this, all it needs is the will and determination to put a project together. This may already have been done.
    I am a Scot, who, together with my wife, have been living in Croatia for almost twelve years. My background is in adult and community education and I have worked with Women’s Aid in Scotland running various training courses. I still have contacts within the organization and see that there is an ongoing need for their services.


  2. Little Shiva
    December 19, 2018 @ 1:05 am

    Thanx for publishing this list of resources!


    • Expat in Croatia
      January 10, 2019 @ 3:19 pm

      You’re welcome!


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