What is Expat in Croatia?

Expat in Croatia offers free resources to foreign nationals, Croatian citizens, and diaspora on how to live and work in Croatia. It also includes guidance on cultural assimilation, language learning and everything else one needs to know to be a part of the Croatian community.

Who is behind Expat in Croatia?

This site was started in 2013 by me, Sara Dyson. I am an American, born and raised in Texas. After spending time in New York, Amsterdam, California, and Florida, I moved to Split in 2012. At the time of that move, there were absolutely no English resources for foreigners looking to move to Croatia. There were barely even tourism sites other than the ones run by tourist boards. Expat groups would not be a thing for another 18 months.

With no guidance, I navigated the pre-EU bureaucracy by showing up and figuring it out. At each step of the process, I started recording my experiences and put them up online so that any foreigner coming after me would have more information than I did.

As my love of Croatia blossomed, so has the content on the site. Initially, the content was focused on getting residency and signing up for healthcare. It has now expanded to include operating a business, culture, adoption, transportation, language lessons, things to do, places to see, rights and everything else needed for assimilation.

I have fallen in love with this country and its kind, lovely, generous people. This place has changed my life for the better and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Where do you get your information?

The content on this site comes from a variety of places, depending on the topic. All content related to government procedures comes from the government, both from translating government web sites and calling the government personally to confirm. In most cases, posts are complimented by real life experiences by myself and others.

When government information conflicts with real experiences, as happens all too frequently, it is noted in the post. For an extra check and added layer of legitimacy, procedural content may also be verified with a lawyer if the government provides conflicting information. Each post, regardless of topic, is thoroughly researched.

How can I stay up to date on the latest posts?

If you want to be updated on the latest, sign up for the newsletter here. The newsletter is only delivered once per week and includes all the latest posts, your weekly Croatian language lesson and more content not published on the site. Plus, just for signing up, you’ll get my secret list of my favorite restaurants all over Croatia for free. So, why not sign up?

Personalized guidance

Since 2013, I have given personalized advice to thousands of people through comments and emails to guide others using my boots-on-the-ground knowledge, personal experience, and connections with local bureaucracy and attorneys.

If you are interested in getting customized advice, contact me.