5 more vintage travel videos of Croatia back in the day

Croatia in 1930
Image by LIberal

Croatia has changed drastically just in the last 5 years, but what did it look like 40, 50, 90 years ago? We rappelled down into the dark crevasse of YouTube to excavate the best vintage videos of Croatia so you can see what life was like in the last century.

On this particular adventure, we uncovered some gems from the 1930s and 1940s, a poppy music video from the 1960s, an avocado-tinted treat from the 1970s, and a true classic from the 1950s. If you missed our first round of vintage videos, check them out here.

As a foreigner who plans to live out the rest of my days here, I want to know as much as I can about this country, both past, and present. While it’s not possible to learn everything or ever fully understand what it was like to grow up here, viewing little glimpses of the past helps fill in the gaps. The fashion and hair are bonuses.

#1 Mediterranean Story: #2 – Split (1937)

Highlights: Kids selling melons off boats tied up to Riva and vendors hawking their wares on Stari Pazar.

#2 Jedan dan u Rijeci (1955)

Highlights: A short documentary that shows the life of the city of Rijeka in the 50s including Žabica bus station, market, boats full of foreign tourists, streets of Rijeka, Korzo.

#3 Dobro došli u Zagreb (1966)

Highlights: Zagreb Airport and the lady who welcomes passengers, Zagreb bus station, old cable car to Sljeme…

#4 Jugoslavija (1972)

Highlights: Life in the farming communities out in the villages, shots of people shopping, and summer on the coast. Everything has that mustard yellow 70s glow to it. 🙂

#5 Makarska 1964 . god (1964)

Highlights: A short music video of Makarska men following around a chic woman on Riva. While it would be uber creepy for this scenario to happen now, it all ends well here. 🙂

Which video was your favorite?

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