Hrvatska Pošta – Croatian Postal Office

Hrvatska Posta
Image by Moj Faks

The Croatian postal system is known as Pošta (pronounced “po-sh-ta”), and you can find them everywhere. Luckily, their big yellow sign is pretty hard to miss. Just in case, here is the full list of post offices, which is searchable by city.

If you are curious about how much it will be to mail something, they have a great postage calculator on their web site.

Examples of postage costs:

  • Letter within Croatia – 3,10 kuna
  • Priority letter within Croatia – 6,50 kuna
  • Postcard going to the US – 8,60 kuna

The Croatian post office also offers the following services:

  • Western Union money transfers
  • Bill Payment
  • Phone Cards
  • Banking Services
  • Insurance (home, life, health, auto)
  • Money exchange

I’ve sent mail, retrieved a Western Union money transfer and used their banking services all with ease. Usually at least one of the agents speak English, or at a minimum, understand it enough to accomplish communication. Of course, if you live in Croatia, you should be speaking Croatian.

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