GMO in Croatia

We can all agree that genetically-modified foods are gross. Unfortunately, they have a huge arsenal behind them pushing their way into country after country. Over the past decade, Croatia has implemented laws to prevent that from happening despite pressure from the United States. 

These laws do not ban GMOs outright, but certainly make it very difficult for GMO products to exist in the Croatian market. At this time, GMO seed is not allowed in Croatia. There is a further ban on the release of GMO in protected areas, tourist destinations and buffer zones, which allows individual counties and cities to further declare themselves GMO-free.

Five counties do allow imported products to be sold, if only on a small scale. The below map highlights the counties that are GMO-free.


All 21 counties have signed a resolution saying they see no need to introduce GMO products into the supply, echoing the 80% of Croatians who whole heartedly agree. Here is the latest on GMO in Croatia.

It is too soon to tell how Croatia's entrance into the European Union will impact Croatia's desire to be GMO-free considering the stranglehold Monsanto has on the EU. Only time will tell.

Do you think Croatia will fight back against the lax EU GMO policies?

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Expat in Croatia

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